Loose bolt in TE stick, etc

I was disassembling my new TE stick to see how the plexi fits (haven’t bought anything yet, was just making sure I knew what I was buying and how to install it), and then one of the bolts that holds the screws on the top came out. I managed to fish it out, but I have no way to put it back in its slot because I can’t see.

Then I started taking off the bottom to see if I could get a better look, and one of those bolts came off too. Worse yet, the bolts for one of the 4 base screws seems to have come loose and now I can’t even remove the screw because I have no way to get to the bolt because of the black plastic plate in the middle. What do I do? I can’t put it back together, and I can’t take it apart…

On an unrelated note, on my HRAP3, I noticed that the stick (Sanwa JLF) is loose, and can be moved a bit in most directions without counting as an input. What part would I go about replacing to fix this?

By bolts, you mean nuts right? The nuts secure the hex screws. You can put it back in without seeing. Feel underneath the plastic panel where the nut will sit. If you flip it over, and stick your hand in there, you can fit the nut back in. Gluing it back in may be another task for you. It needs some hot glue to stay put. If you can’t reach it at all, then you’ll most likely have to take it all apart to access the underside of the TE shell.

The bottom base uses the 6 main screws only. Not the, 4 screws where the feet are. Those are not connected to the shell. So unscrew the 6 smaller screws and the bottom base plate will come off. If this doesn’t make sense, then please have a modder do it for you. Just don’t strip the screws or else it’ll make life for difficult.

As for your HRAP3, JLF should have some play. That’s normal. Unless it’s abnormal and worn out. You can replace that with a new JLF like so Sanwa JLF-TM-8T-SK Joystick

You’ll have to take off the metal plate and attached the JLF to the top panel of the stick, but shouldn’t be too hard. It’s getting the top panel off that takes some tools.

I did mean nuts, sorry. I was able to fit the nut back in the top slot by feel, but there’s no way for me to get glue in there. I didn’t notice the 6th screw on the bottom plate behind the sticker, which was why I was removing the feet. If I remove the bottom plate, will I have access to the top slot to put the nut in? Or will I need to remove the middle black plastic piece too?

I’ve taken my HRAP3 apart a few times, it’s not a problem. It’s annoying as hell (and part of why I bought this TE). The stick is probably worn out. I know what play is, and I know this stick has way more than it should. Do I have to replace the whole stick, or is there a single spring or something I can tighten/fix?

Edit: I managed to put the TE back together. I cheated and used tape over the nut slot so the nut would stay in place so I could tighten the screw. Sigh.

you’ll have to remove about 10 screws from the bottom plate to separate the shell in half.

the hrap joystick may need a new pcb unit. you can also find that at lizardlick.com. It’s a TP-MA replacement pcb board.