Loose connection on board

The USB plug-in connection on the board in my Qanba Q4raf is loose, I posted in the qanba thread as well, but i figured some of the tech talk vet’s don’t really go in there.
What can i do to tighten it up? I was thinking of using a glue similar to the kind used in Madcatz TE’s. What kind is it? Hot glue gun? Any other suggestions?

Yes, you can use a little hot glue to stick it down a bit, just be sure you don’t get glue in the way and prevent a good connection with the PCB. Also, tie a knot in the case where the cord exits the case. That way, if there’s any pull on the cord, all the stress goes to the knot, instead of to the harness connected to the PCB.

There are two knots tied. Now i just need to find a hot glue gun to borrow lol.