Loose Fitting Button -- HRAP V3-SA


Hey all. I got a HRAP V3-SA last week and have had a little problem after poking around inside the thing. I’ve never done any stick modding before, so hopefully I’m just overlooking something really simple and stupid.

I opened up the case to have a look and see how easy it would be to swap out or plug up the buttons. I removed the wires from the start button (Sanwa OBSF-24 I assume) and popped it out easily enough, but after snapping it back in it doesn’t fit snug and tight any more, and there is a bit of play present as if the hole is too big for it.

It’s pushed firmly in as far as it will go, and has ‘snapped in’. I guess I could wrap a little plumbers tape or something around its edge to make it fit snug again, but I can’t work out why it was a tight, snug fit before I removed it, and now it only fits loosely.

Anyone know what’s going on here?


Your button issue is probably permanent seeing as how you uninstalled the start button. When new, the sides offer plenty of resistance so when you snap the buttons in they will stay secure in their respective slots. However, when you remove the buttons you end up weakening the sides so if you reinstall them they will generally be capable of easily rotating. This occurrence is generally more often on the 24mm buttons than the 30mm buttons.


Ah ok, thanks shichi. I can see what you mean; the little plastic ridges which keep the button snug get shaved away by the metal plate when the button is installed or removed.

Oh well. I’ve just wedged some folded paper between the button edge and hole to make it fit snug again, which seems like it should do the job well enough.