Loose joystick on SF4 TE stick, how to fix?


The last few weeks, I feel like the joystick on my SF4 TE stick is much looser and less sensitive than it used to be, especially on the x-axis (horizontal). It’s getting to the point that basic moves are not coming out unless I put in extra pressure in that direction.

Is there a simple way for me to fix the issue? Do I need to replace springs or some other parts? I don’t mind opening up the TE stick and fixing it myself as long as I don’t need to solder anything. I only have basic tools available at home, e.g., screwdrivers and allen wrenches.

Thanks in advance!


no one?

  1. if its under warranty call madcatzs
  2. if its not under warranty there is a myriad of things you could do (open up and take some pictures: put them up so we can see) check to see if the :

a. switches are broken
b. is the stick spring broken
c. is controll switches orientated right?
d. replace stick

wait for other people to to come along… thats the best i got for you man

*be warned though i have minor experience…relative to other people here.


you should take out the joystick pcb and push in the micro switches to see if the pressure to engage feels different. It is most likely that your micro switches have prematurely worn out.

This is the part that may be the problem. You really need a multimeter to test if it is the switches though with a continuity test


When you determine whether or not that your switches are fine, you can choose to effectively “tighten” or increase the resistance on your stick by adding or replacing the spring. There are a variety that are compatible with the stock JLF. I have chosen to go with a Seimitsu LS-33 spring intertwined with the stock JLF to increase tension in my TE:S.


thanks everyone. yesterday afternoon (before i even saw these replies), i opened up the box from the bottom and fiddled with the joystick just to check it out. i think my original post was slightly incorrect - it isn’t so much the joystick itself is loose, but rather the micro switches may not be as responsive, as all of you have said. the joystick still turns and moves fine, and i can still hear the clicking every time the stick pushes on a switch, but perhaps the switches themselves are worn out.

is the micro switch something that i can replace pretty easily myself with screwdrivers and basic tools, or do i pretty much need to buy a new stick?


You can buy a JLF board + switch assembly from www.lizardlick.com.


You just need precise fingers :stuck_out_tongue:

all you gotta do is clip off the wiring harness, snap off the restrictor gate, pull out the jlf pcb, put new one in, snap on restrictor gate, clip on wiring harness

finito :smiley: