Loose/Solid Arcade Stick!


Hey people,

I have MayFlash V2 fight stick for a couple of months now and quite happy with it.
I also checked before Razer and Qanwa arcade sticks and all of them’s joysticks are a bit loose for me after all those years played on arcade machines.
Some of you guys may know what I mean usually on arcade machines have more solid joysticks.

So do you know any model of joystick which is more solid or how may I make more solid my current one?

(Sorry for my english if I use wrong words to explain my point by “solid” and “loose”.)
Loose= Between left click and right click of the stick distance is longer (or between up and down).
Solid= Between left click and right click of the stick distance is shorter (or between up and down).

Thank you guys.


Joysticks are going to loosen up with time and ware regardless they are in a controller or the arcades.
Only reason your arcade joystick seems solid is because regular maintenance is done to keep that machine in working order.
All the arcades I been too, most of the machines including the American style cabs the joysticks tend to be on the loose side.

The Razer and Qanba controllers all use the same Sanwa JLF joystick.

You want the joystick to remain tighter for longer, you going to have to replace that spring. Preferably a tighter/heavier spring.


@Darksakul My understanding of the OP’s issue is less of “tightness” and “looseness”, but rather about throw and engage, since he talks about “distance between left and right clicks of the joystick”.

@muzorty Read this page on the slagcoin: http://slagcoin.com/joystick/attributes_brands.html
It should have the information you’re looking for.
Sounds like you’re looking for a stick with a very small throw and very small engage. You can either try to find a stick that’s like that in stock-form, or buy a standard stick, and replace components (restrictor gate, spring, actuator, switches) to fine tune it to the way you like it.


Thank you guys


I also dislike long throw joysticks like the Sanwa JLF, and so far I’ve really liked the Seimitsu LS-32 I have installed right now. Most Seimitsu sticks have a shorter throw than Sanwa sticks, so I would suggest looking into them.