Loosening a joystick

I prefer looser joy sticks than most. Even the te2 stock joystick is a tad bit too stiff for me. Tried looking for it but still don’t know if there is a way to manually loosen a joystick.

If you’re talking loose, like as in the resistance, you could change to a lighter spring.

Yes resistance. Any tutorials on it?


Take your pick, you’ll have to figure out your default spring’s tension and then find something lower.

Stock spring is apprx .9 lbs at dead center. If you go to paradise arcade they have custom tensions. The only thing lighter than stock is the .5 lb spring. I bought a bunch in the past to try them out and went with the 1.5 lb

get them here: http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/632-springs

The reason why I know I’m so used to it is because I started with a Qanba Q4 about 3 years ago, got used to it and thought it was the standard. I then got a TE2 and had the chance to try a Hori. The HORI was FAR more resistant and while the TE2 was closer it was still noticeable.

I kind of suspect that the spring has gotten less resistant over time and use.

Unfortunately after looking it up, there are only more resistant offerings.

Think about baseball.

I actually get why you would want more resistance, except whenever I use a more resistant stick I get the same problem: Almost all my jumps turn into neutral jumps. I also have a problem with movement in general as I can’t dash and move as much as I want

Ah. The old GHS (Girly Hand Syndrome). No. Really though. Paradise Arcade Shop make .5 pound Springs that should give you what you are looking for. Alternatively, you might be able to compress the spring with a small c-clamp over a long period of time to soften it. I might even try compressing it and putting it in an oven for a short time if I was you. The most you’re going to loose is a <$2 part.

Can’t seem to find the .5 spring. I definitely have a spring or two to spare and experiment with.

the stock JLF omron microswitches are on the stiffer side. even with a looser spring, you might not get the right feel you want (or have bad feel, like grindy)

if you wanna pursue it, i suggest going for softer microswitches (cherry’s, e-switch, or zippys) with the stock spring. it might get you smoother feel, with really light resistance.


It will loosen up with time and wear