Looser Spring for a Sanwa JLW?


I recently modded a Mayflash, fitting it with a Sega Genesis PCB, Sanwa JLW and Sanwa snap-ins. I will do a separate thread providing the details of the mod, but after playing for a few days with the JLW, I’m finding that the spring stiffness is not to my liking. I’ve got JLF’s in my other sticks, and am accustomed to that feel. From what I’ve found by doing some quick googling, it looks like the Seimitsu LS-40 might be a suitable replacement for the spring, that will provide a “less stiff” feel. Can anyone confirm this and/or provide another other suggestions for de-stiffening the JLW?


The spring in a Seimitsu LS-32 is plenty light (lighter than LS-40 in my experience), but I’d rather just buy that Sanwa JLW off you than let you tamper with that precious Sanwa JLW! :o


I would absolutely sell it to you…except for the fact that it is super-glued in. Otherwise, I would also probably replace it with a JLF. It was a spare I had lying around, and wanted to do the build on the cheap. I could tell it was a bit stiff before putting it in, but didn’t realize just how stuff until playing with it for a couple days (that’s what she said). Funny thing is, I’ve got (2) Ultimarc J-Stik’s in my MAME cab, which from my understanding are JLW’s, and they are very similar in feel to my JLF’s. Nothing like this JLW.

Anyhoo, thanks for the info, I will try a spring replacement with the LS-32 spring.


Super Glue isn’t all that strong, it can be removed with some nail polish remover or even loosen with a hair dryer.


Good info. It feels pretty solid, as in I’ve been playing with it for two days, and it is firmly anchored. But, I may give that a try if the LS-32 spring doesn’t give enough improvement.


Just mod the hell out of that JLW, I have done it with mine, replaced the restrictor gates, springs and microswitches, these are now my weapon of choice for Fighting games:


LS-40/32 spring
Matsushita switches
Win Chung nylon gates.


@VOLDOM Does Win Chung have nylon square gates? I have some Chinese knock offs but they’re acrylic like the original Sanwa gate, circular just like that one.


I can’t tell for sure, the few I have seen come with round gates, but I would love to get a pair of squares, although I can do just fine with the ones I currently have, so I haven’t looked into this yet.


i miss the old days of using the JLW for tekken tag 1 lol. I might have to pick one up just to mod for fun whenever i find a nice big blue or dynamo cab.
Im also would be interested in the nylon square gate


Thanks for the suggestions, gentlemen. And, nice setup, Voldom. Is that a NAC cab? Also, what is the benefit or difference of Matsushita switches?

I ordered an LS-32 replacement spring, and of course had to pick up some other parts since I was already paying shipping from Focus Attack (a couple ball tops, a bat top and a couple buttons). Couldn’t find a LS-40 spring stateside, but will give the LS-32 a try and report back.


vanilla Astro, Matsushita switches have faster “engage”? I can attest that it takes less travel in the stick for the switch to activate, and that is a plus at least for me, compared with the stock Sanwa switches.


Well, I got my parts from FA yesterday. Opened up the stick, and found that the LS-32 spring’s diameter is too narrow. See pics below. Spring on the right is JLW stock, spring on the left is LS-32. The second picture shows that the LS-32 can actually fit inside the JLW.

From what I’m reading online, I’ve got a “thick shaft” JLW. Any other suggestions for loosening up this bad boy?




As long as it fits on the spring base, it should be fine. So check on that first. Since all LS-32 springs can go inside of the JLW one.


It doesn’t fit on the spring base or the piece at the cp side of the shaft. Too narrow.


I’m surprised that no one told you that spring wouldn’t work.

The best mod for the JLW IMO is the -01 mod. You can use the switch pcb from an LS-32-01 on it to give it 5-pin capability.


Thanks, NENDO. I don’t really care if I have 5-pin, tho, as I already have everything wired up in very tight quarters. I just want it to be less stiff. About to pull apart one of my j-sticks to see if things are interchangeable. It’s getting to the point that if things can interchange, I’ll buy a j-stick and swap parts in. But, I’d really prefer to just swap a spring, if there is one that will fit and be less stiff.


Hit up a hardware store and buy the big bag of assorted springs.
Start experimenting with every spring that fits.

Warning, it can be a crap shoot and you find nothing that suits your sensibilities.


That is NOT a LS-32 spring, unless they have changed the design on most recent models;

LS-32 spring on the left, JLW right:


Besides, LS-32 shaft is even thicker than the thickest JLW (the bat top one) so that spring you’ve got won’t even fit on a Ls-32, I don’t know what they sold you…

JLW bat top shaft and LS-32 side to side comparison



The black spring in my picture is out of my JLW. The silver one is the one that I received, supposed to be LS-32. I tore apart one of my J-Stick’s, and everything appears to be identical. The spring base is slightly larger in the original JLW, but by maybe a 1/2 mm. I can’t see that making any significant difference. I even swapped shaft, spring, and the spring retainer components, into the JLW, and it is still super stiff. I put them back in the J-Stick, and the J-Stick continues to feel much more like a JLF. Also, to rule out needing service as a potential cause, I lubed everything up when I first did the mod, so I don’t think it’s a matter of the pivot area needing to be greased. I’m at a loss at this point.


I know, that’s why I said they must have sent you the wrong spring, if I were you I would ask for a refund, or tell them to send the correct one.

@Moonchilde lol man, I have just re-read your post =) , “wing chun” is just a name that I made up to make fun of the brand-less of this chinese crap:


At least they cleverly used a nut to hold the spring and actuator in place instead of the more common C-ring used in most joysticks brands and models, you have to give that one to Win cheung at least :smiley: