Lop-sided Stick. techniques (or hacks) you use to counter-act this


Hey guys, I just got my 2 finkle sticks. And turns out… it is lopsided (in otherwords, only 3 feet touch at any given point in time). It appears to be lop-sided on 3 diagonals. Now the easy solution is just to put something under those 2 corners.

However, is there a more eloquent way you guys handle this? shave down feet? or something of that sort?


I’d say you should be fine if you take a bit of time to carefully adjust the screws holding down the rubber feet. I did that when I had to fix up a lopsided MAS Systems arcade stick I was selling here on SRK and it worked out just fine. Turns out the screws put pressure on the feet and can cause them to temporarily warp and become misaligned. Hope that answered your question hazeion! :tup:


probably put some kind of spacer under the feet. they are screw on ones not the ghetto stick on ones i used to use right. i have felt and cork spacers lying around which would be ideal but you could just cut some pieces of paper and put them between the feet and the rubber pad or underneath the bottom panel behind the feet so the bottom panel pushes the bottom panel out in the short corner.


I have a table that is not perfectly flat. Make sure it is not the table just to be sure.