Lopsided characters in 2D fighters

Just curious, but does this bother anyone?

Like when a character has say…one bionic arm. When they’re on the right side of the screen, it’s their right arm, but when the opponent jumps over them, the arm mysteriously becomes the left?

I guess the only real solution to this is to make symmetrical characters, but that could get a little boring.

This is always something that I notice, but haven’t really thought about till now.

nope doesnt bother me dont care about this pointless shit

Yes it often bothers me, so much so that i can hardly sleep at night thinking about it.

It’s a quirk of 2d gaming been happening for years NEVER going to change, big deal!

Next pointless thread please

yeah it bothers me when Sagat’s bad eye changes evey time he jumps over the oponent. They could always draw 2 seperate sprites for each direction they are facing per animation.

EVen for symertical characters. I know they are good fighters but that all cant really be THAT ambidexturous.

yeah having to double the ram required and the work sprite artists have to do for something completely inconsequential to gameplay that most people wont even notice is a great idea

I like how the word MAXIMUM on DeeJay’s pants is symetrical

:amazed: I never knew that.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find WAXIWAM in the dictionary.


Oh silly me! I forgot that characters in fighting games are just squares and circles!

close thread.

In all seriousness though, if an animation studio can go through EVERY episode of a show like One Piece and edit out Sanji’s cigarette, then in this day and age I still don’t understand why Blazblue has characters like Carl and Noel. Most of these changes are things that can be edited at sprite level. There’s no need to get a totally new piece of artwork and considering that most animations only contain about 10 frames per attack, I can hardly see it being a big deal.

The sprite quality in Kof12 doesn’t interest me. I’m don’t care about non-gameplay related stuff like that.

See what I did there?

thanks for resurrecting this obviously important topic