Lord of the Dark Dimension, the Dormammu thread


This video confirms he’s in the game.

I gotta say, he looks badass.

==updates for moves==

Walkthrough by Seth:

Command normals

  • towards+hard: Suffer
  • ground flame
  • 8 way air dash


  • QCF+A/B/C: Portal (air)
  • Purification
  • Teleport (air)
  • QCB+A: charge Power of Creator (up to 3x)
  • QCB+B: charge Power of Destructor (up to 3x)
  • QCB+C (HCB?): Liberation: use Power:
    ==Creator effects:
  • l1: spike
  • l2: spike shockwave
  • l3: ground tar
    ==Destroyer effects:
  • l1: explosion
  • l2: bigger explosion
  • l3: biggest…
  • power of destructor & creator combined: hellfire

QCF+AB: flame beam
QCB+AB: roving fireball
L3: Dimensional bubble

A: Dark Hole
B: Purification
Y: Liberation


There’s not much to run in this thread yet, but I will say that I’ll be running Dormammu, Dante and deadpool regardless.


Please let him be playable and not just another OP boss.

NoNoNo, that’s not how it works. Here:

“Please let him be both an OP boss AND an OP playable character!”

Wow. You know, I never thought of it like that before.

I’m hoping for Dr. Strange to step into the picture any time soon.

I could see a regular form of him as a regular character, than a Giant Dormmamu when you face him as a Mid boss.

I still find it difficult to believe that he’ll be final boss. I’m calling mini-boss until I get proof otherwise.

Meanwhile, I expect Dormammu to be the new Blackheart. Projectiles and demon assists aplenty.

the problem is that I can’t think, if dormammu is only a mini-boss, who the “over” boss would be… unless they have no affiliation to dormammu. The giant cloudy sky look before dormammu came out could still indicate galactus or some other “greater being” but I’m finding it hard to rationalize him not simply being the boss. Then again, his visible persona would be PERFECT as a playable character… so I’m really hoping that he isn’t the straight up final boss, especially if there is no blackheart in this game (which is highly likely).

but my assumption as for right now is that there will be a normal sized form and a GIANT sized form… and maybe a “human” form as the first form you face… and he will be the final boss.

edit: well… I guess there could be mephisto as a “higher” boss… but they are basically on the same level. Way easier to make him the boss and give him an underling or something though…

Well if he is NOT the final boss, I can’t see a single character on Capcom’s side who can remotely go head to head with such a cosmic villain, certainly no Street Fighter can. I still want more villainy in this game, Dormammu, Doom and Super Skrull are not enough. Give me Magneto, Dictator, Black Heart and Nimrod Sentinels please.

The thing in the sky is Dormammu, it’s all Dormammu. It’s him entering the Dimension.

Yeah, all the fiery stuff is Dorm.

This game needs Magneto though. No Magneto would be heresy.

I bet one of Dormammu’s special moves is him summoning Mindless Ones.

dormammu looks awesome, the way he unfurls his arms at the end of that trailer is just fucking awesome. I have to own up and say i was wrong about the shadow being mephisto…but i still wonder why they even used that design when thats not what dormammu looks like int he trailer…alt?

Dormammu looks cool. I’ve only ever read one comic with him in it, so I’m not too familiar with the character but I really like his design.

Some of the stronger Darkstalkers characters are pretty high up there.

Wasn’t Pyron running around, fucking up entire planets out of boredom or something?

Yeah, because canonical power is a great indicator of in-game ability. I mean, remember how god-tier Thanos and Shuma-Gorath were in MvC2?

Dude, fuck. Pyron vs Dormammu? nerdgasm

And I know this is not the place, but this game needs Silver Surfer. Just saying.

If they reference the latest comics, they should have the Hood as a miniboss (playable character) since he’s possessed by Dormammu, and u can easily pull off the 3 stage Boss fight with him. one could be Hood in perma-demon form. 2nd could be A normal-ish sized Dormammu, and the final form could be some oversized retardedly huge size full blown demon ver.

I really just want The Hood in the game now lol

Hood was exorcized already.

And I really doubt capcom will be making 2/3 version of the same character.

They’ll just have Dormammu as the final boss in some epicly broken way.

With Dormammu being confirmed, i would ADORE seeing Doc Strange on the flip side.

Then, bring back Doctor Doom… and introduce Doctor Octopus to the series, and my lame dream of Team Physician would come to fruition.