Lord of The Rings: Posters Must Be Less Than 4ft


So, I recently remembered the Hobbit is coming out in December, so I’m re-reading it in preparation for the movie, and I suggest you all do the same as well.

I never read LOTR, except for the first half of Fellowship, but I’m pretty much making myself do so this summer.

With that being said…


Carry on.


Im hype for the hobbit. Im planning on watching all 3 Extended movies again sometime next weekend. But this time, all in a row. grabs junk food


TMI, dude.

I’ve read The Hobbit. I haven’t read LotR, but I’ve seen the theatrical movies. I guess I’ll see The Hobbit movie.


I’m about 1/2 way through the Hobbit as of today.

Not as good as I remembered. I’ll save that honor to Dune. :sunglasses:



When you think about it, aren’t Bilbo Baggins and Robin Hood the original rogues?

Edit: I was wrong about The Hobbit not being as good as I remember, it’s just that the humor is appealing to me more than the action is at this stage.


How do you figure?


Loki says “hi.” :tup:


So glad the bluray extended set got discounted recently on amazon too.


Just finished The Hobbit and about 1/3 through The Fellowship.