LordWilliam1234's SF x TK Lobbies (360/PS3/PC)


Since I have all three systems, I am hosting lobbies for this game every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that I am able to, one day per system. Rather than keeping it one system per day, I am rotating the systems around every week; so one week it’s 360 on Friday, PS3 on Saturday, PC on Sunday. The next week it would be PC on Friday, 360 on Saturday, and PS3 on Sunday, then PS3 on Friday, PC on Saturday, and 360 on Sunday. Then it would rotate back to the original schedule.

Fridays the lobby will be hosted starting at 5PM EST.

Saturdays the lobby will be hosted starting at 6PM EST.

Sundays the lobby will be hosted starting at 2PM EST.

I will also be recording and uploading the matches for the lobbies that I host.

One thing to keep in mind though on the PS3 side of things, while I have the PS3 copy of the game, the actual PS3 set-up isn’t mine, so I don’t have consistent access to it. I’ll do what I can to get on at the appropriate time, but I can’t guarantee it. Sorry about that. :sad:

360 Lobby Matches:

July 2014:



August 2014:


PS3 Lobby Matches:

August 2014:



PC Lobby Matches:

June 2014:



July 2014:



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This week’s schedule is Friday PS3, Saturday PC and Sunday 360. PS3 lobby is going up now if anyone’s interested.


OP updated with the most recent lobby footage. 360 lobby for today is currently up for anyone interested.


Do you still do this?


Smash kind of took over my life but I intend to get back to it, yeah.

Though PS3 will be really difficult now, I almost never have access to it anymore (have a PS3 copy but don’t own the PS3 set-up here).