Los Angeles C/A players

Who lives near by? and were do you usually get your offline GG’s at? ive always been an online player, but my game was crapy kombat, now that ive switched to SF and found out that the best play in So-Cal, im excited to play offline!

If there is an LA thread already, I apologize, if not, post here. :slight_smile:

what part

yeah man what part??you gotta be specific with your posts

My bad, im from Commerce C/A, borderline to Montebello and East Los Angeles.

you want sf4 play right?
arcade infinity is the best

lol I cant believe I didnt post what game… Yeah, SFIV.

Thanks, anyhow, as you can see I main Rose, so boo for me :frowning:

2nd post is console



I thought it said “no sfiv”? hmmm… must have read it wrong.