Los Angeles Marvel Players?


My apologies if this is against the forum rules.

I’m looking to play some casuals on a regular basis in the L.A. area. I do attend TRB every now and then but it’s a hassle to get there and back with out a car on a regular basis so I’ll probably go once a month. That’s the only opportunity I get to play someone who is not online and I want to play more people.


Family Fun Arcade in Granada Hills runs uMVC3 (and AE) tournaments every Saturday, as far as I know. Best to keep up with their site to know if the events are going on, though; They probably won’t have them on days with majors going on



I’ve been there too and they didn’t have a great showing. (Though that may be due to the SBO Qualifier event being held the day before) I’m just looking for anyone to play doesn’t matter if it’s tourney or not. I only know one person who plays this game. I want to be able to play more whether it be at my place or anywhere else in LA.


Yo man we’ve got a SoCal Marvel Marvel group http://www.facebook.com/groups/148312825225229/

When people have some casuals they post it up. If you play P4A and AE there’s groups for that too


Thanks. If I can get enough (8 or more) and someone to bring a 360 and a copy of Marvel I’ll probably host a small casuals group.