Los Angeles Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament


The fine people at Level Eleven are proud to bring you one of the first Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournaments in Los Angeles. Come celebrate the release of one of the most anticipated games in the past ten years!

Saturday February 19th
Mok Maru Jong Bar (Next to Pipers Restaurant)
222 N. Western Ave, Los Angeles CA 90004

Doors open at 3 tournament starts at 4.

  • Ages 18 and up

  • 21 with valid ID to drink

  • $10 registration

  • No cover charge!!

  • Parking onsite

  • Double elimination best 2 of 3

  • Cash prizes (First place takes home a copy of the game)

  • Xbox 360 setups. You must bring your own controller. (a few house sticks will be available)

  • Food and drinks are available at the bar and in the restaurant.

If your in the Los Angeles area swing by for some video games, food, and drinks!

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Hope to see you there and feel free to hit us up for any questions.


I think its too early to run a tournament especially when most of the people that could be interested are going to just crack it at home. Week after sounds better!!! lol


If jwonggg says it’s to early, well then it’s too early son.


wow that’s rough, to have justin wong saying your tournament is a bad idea hahahah

but i might show up anyways hahah sounds fun to have a tournament at a bar.


this tournament starting on the week of the release mvc3… at least everyone at the tournament will have the same knowledge of playing the game…

Drinking games at the bar???!! I m down


Wait until the 26th of February. If you host it on the 19th that’s only about 4 days since the release of the game. We need some time to figure out the god tiers and mechanics of the game:wonder::clapdos:


I never really said its a bad idea. I just think the turn out wouldn’t be huge. I would assume that everyone will invite their friends over and just crack it up for a week straight. I am pretty sure youll get somewhat a turn out, but not as much if you did it the week after IMO.


oh for sure, i didn’t mean it like that, sorry, didn’t mean to put words in your mouth

i just thought it was kinda funny, since you’re like the god of marvel. its like the pope telling catholics not to go to church on saturday haha


You should post this on the Tournament and events thread. I agree that the 26th will be a better day since people will be better at the game by then.


I’ll keep an eye out for this tourney.


Release day tourneys are great because people are still figuring out stuff, so hilarious combos happen and you see a lot more interesting/weird match ups. Besides I’m sure a bunch of people who see this post have already played demos or even full builds of the game early. I see move lists and combo videos online already.


Well hopefully you guys show up we’re gonna have food, drinks, and a good time will be had by all. Come down and get a glimpse of the competition.


What Kind of Beers Can I Expect On Tap?


The bar has about 15 different beers and you can get a pint or a pitcher, but we will also be serving mixed drinks. Also we will have a couple tables for some beer pong.


I had fun at the event today. Met some cool people. Will you guys post the list past the top 8? I want to see where I placed >_>


Yeah, we are getting the bracket and all the pictures together and everything will be up on our facebook page this week. You can find it at Facebook.com/LVL11 Also be sure to follow us on twitter at twitter.com/LVL11official to keep up to date on everything we’re doing.


The bracket and all the photos from our event are now on our facebook page at facebook.com/LVL11