Los Angeles release party April 23 discussion - UPDATED WITH DETAILS



Didn’t see a dedicated thread so I thought I’d start one.

Just wondering who was going to the Super release party on April 23.

What are your expectations, venue guesses, how many setups do you think they’ll have, etc.

Who went to the last one (vanilla release) - how was it, how did you get in, what’d they give away, all the good stuff!

I’m gonna do whatever I can to get in that’s for sure!

Good for you.

I just wanna know if it goes on sale early like vanilla did.

I was lucky to even get in last year. Let’s say I was lucky I had some friends.

It was pretty great but that’s because I got in super early, before doors opened to public. I heard lots of people waited outside for several hours, that was probably a huge bummer. When I left at 10PM there were still people waiting outside.

Also the cast of the Street Fighter 2009 Movie was there and they were pretty terrible. Everyone except Kristin Kreuk was there, the only person on the cast that we would have bothered to seen. Also a bunch of random B-List celeb like this asian “model” with huge fake tits. They gave away these pretty cool shirts and some neat memorabilia.

So unnecessary, but so hilarious too. Ahahahaha.

dammnn I really wanna know. See what I have to do to get in. Is it like a line thing ? or do you have to have invites to get in ?

I’m getting there super early. Hope I get in!

How come y’all Cali peeps always get access to stuff earlier than us. Can their ever be any events in Cackalaki?

Yeah dude i’m thinkin the same thing. I’ve gotta come from sacramento area, so i’m gonna have to get up at like 1-4 AM . Or something. It’s gonna crush me to drive out 6 hours and not be able to get in.

But now that I think about it , I work thursday night from 6pm to 6am friday morning, oh my god. I’m so fucked… I already took the 23rd off so I can be down there for friday night, but crap i’m not even going to get there until noon or something on friday if I left RIGHT after work… Brace for epic disappointment :frowning:

Won’t be able to make it, but hope whoever does has fun!

yeah, i hate cali. philly never gets any love with these types of things. why the hell does cali always get all the cool events? if anything there should be an event on each coast instead of just the west.

You live in Philadelphia dude.

Are you guys serious when you ask this shit? You do know where California is and how big it is right?

i didn’t mean have an event in philly. there’s a little place called new york that could work out well i think. the point is why exclude half the freaking country when they don’t have to.

Because Capcom is based on the west coast? And doing one on each coast is twice as expensive, and twice as much planning, and twice as much work? And all the media that they are trying to attract with the event is in the LA area? Not good enough reasons? well fine, they’re just out to purposely piss off half their fans.

I really want to go, but we’re about a week away and no concrete info has been posted. I tried to go to the last one, got in on the VIP list through SRK which ended up being absolutely nothing since we all had to wait in the general line anyhow. Stood outside for 3 hours or so and the line barely moved (the line was crazy, luckily I got to meet up with friends in front ,not that it mattered) so I went home. 30 minutes later my friends got in. meh.

Its just because Cali is were the better players are at. Oh oh oh Flame war coming in…

who will take the bait? How will the battle shape up ? how will you win… lets get Started…welcome to the world of Street Fighter IV!

Why exclude the entire world?

i didn’t know they even had one last year.

I think they should just not have a release party so no one gets their feelings hurt. :frowning:

I’ll see about going. I didn’t go to last years, but I did go to Comic-con’s 2008 arcade release…shit took an hour to get the machine for two matches at the time. I can only imagine the turnout for Super at this event.

Man, I’m gonna give it a shot, if any of you who are in los angeles are gonna be able to snag a good spot in line, you shoudl gimme your number so we can hop in with you :smiley: