Los Angeles/South Bay/San Pedro general area-Looking for some fight friends


Was referred here by an online channel I follow. I’m in what I feel is the uncanny valley of, being generally better at fighting games than most of my friends but being worse than everyone at a tournament ever. Most of my friends just play League of Legends or Dota. Anyways, I’d be down to meet up and practice with some people from my area, if you do so exist, or find a spot to play. Hit me up!


I exist in san pedro!


I live in San Pedro as well. The closest spots to play that I know of are Don’s arcade in Torrance, which I’ve never been to but it is sort of a console meetup spot on Friday nights. Then there’s Regency Fun Center and Round 1 Arcade in Lakewood. I’m looking to get into SF4 or ST/Hyper Fighting if possible. Do you have any experience with any of these spots?


Yo what’s up! Fighting gamer from Japan here, I recently moved into Los Angeles, and I’m looking for fighting game tournament scenes. I play Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, and Persona 4 Arena on PS3 and I also play Super Smash Bros. Melee & Project M. I only play fighting games on PS3, because I bought an arcade stick for that console. So, where can I find fighting game tournaments in LA?


Yo. Welcome to LA.

From your list of games, I can recommend 2 places & their events.

1: Super Arcade, Walnut CA
- Rebel Up: Biweekly Saturdays. BB, P4, GG, SG, MB, VSav, UNIEL
- Super Smash Sundays: Melee, Project M

2: Ultimate Gaming Center, Los Angeles, CA
- Arc Divide: Monthly. P4U2, BBCP, GG and UNIEL

I personally go to Super alot, but UGC is a good place from the times i went there.

Hope this helps.


@‌Numakie uh, the Ultimate Gaming Center link took me to this page, lol. Can you show me the actual link to Ultimate Gaming Center website?


Also fixed the link. derp.


Okay, thank you! I’ll try and go to these tournaments. :slight_smile: