Los Angeles Super Turbo/Hyper Fighting/Anniversary Edition

Anyone wanna meet up to get some Super Turbo or Hyper Fighting matches?

Here are a couple places that I know of that have ST/HF/AE:

FFA - Great ST cab according to reports, hopefully I’ll have time to swing by next week sometime

Cal Poly Pomona - perfectly working ST cab last time I was there

Camelot - ST cab

Arcade Infinity - AE cab

Regency Fun Center - AE cab

Post up if you wanna meet up for matches or if you know a spot with a working machine.

A friend and I were thinking about meeting up for some ST at one of our houses. Maybe this will add fuel to our competition. :smiley:

count me in =) lets do this.

camelot and james games have ST cabs

but competition? non existant

I’m definitely up for this. It’d be really cool to get a group of us together…maybe even semi-regularly?

We should figure out a good spot and time. I live on the west side, near UCLA. And I usually work til about 8pm during the week. So later in the night during the week and weekend afternoons would work best for me, since I usually go out on weekend nights. I’m down for driving anywhere up to about an hour away.

Where are you guys at and what time(s) would work best for you?

Norm, I’m up for ST at Cal Poly.
I don’t get out of work till 5pm though - that + traffic on the 10 fwy.
What’s your weekday evening availability.

We can play at Ken’s place, but I don’t think he likes ST very much - just HF.

For right now, monday and wednesday nights work best for me.

I’m down to check out cal poly for ST… I work 9-5 so nights is great for me as well.

edit: james games no longer has ST

Regency Fun Center has a full AE cab… just thought i’d throw it out there.

it’s actually ae? not that ultracade thing?

that ultracade thing is a piece of crap. it was a good idea but its buggy… from what i hear anyway. but yeah, rfc has a dedicated cab if you can call it that. the screen is small but its real nice, i believe its a flat screen and its really clear. p360 joysticks and convex buttons. iono… go see for urself?? there should be alot of people there to play marvel today.

I live nearby FFA if anyone wants to play AE

norm? norman ho? is he on this forum? if so, time to gather up steve warwick, vahe, and the rest of the old men. time for war!!!


msg me if any of you guys on here.

I’m gonna be out of town most of this week, but I’d be down for heading up there sometime next week.

I live close to the arcade so that can happen then too.

I’m down to play AE too :).

In ST I only play Dhalsim. No one else. Norms Chung Li would own Dhalsim…


Im only available… friday and weekends

That’s him Mike.

Norm, that’s your name posted in the HF Gamepro guide, correct?
(The pic with Tomo in front of tourney ranking list)
You available next Wed evening (Jan 30) for ST at CalPoly?

Actually I misspoke, Wednesday is no good. Thursday works. maybe even this thursday if anyone else is interested?

Im down for AE at FFA saturday night… who’s down?