Los Angeles Super Turbo/Hyper Fighting/Anniversary Edition

There’s going to be a Hyper Fighting Tournament at Boso Garage in Gardena on Feb. 2nd Saturday.

1:00 pm -7 pm.

They have a hyper fighting cabinet. BBQ goin on as well.


Location: Garage BOSO
123 e. Gardena Blvd. #C, Gardena, CA 90248 US
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When: Saturday, February 2, 1:00PM
Phone: 415.317.3116

friday night AE at RFC??
anyone down???

anyone wanna get some games in tonight?

Im down :slight_smile:

hit me up Norm…

Im down for FFA or RFC, although ive never been to regency.

Maybe we can try Regency…

ack sorry can’t make it…my gf set up a surprise party

I’ll play you, haven’t played anybody in ANY kind of SF2 for years.

i’ll be there sometime in the evening, 8-9ish :tup:

Too late for that. Norm didnt call me :P. Otherwise I wouldve went.


anyone wanna get some games in tonight?

im going to RFC tonight around 7ish
is there AE - HF - ST there?

Anyone wanna get some games in this upcoming Wednesday night?

I might be able to do Wed night. I’ll probably be free around 8~9pm. Where are you thinking of playing?

FFA is ok, I just hope their controls are working.

OK, sounds cool. I’ll try to get to FFA around 9-ish. And I might be able to bring a friend or two as well :wgrin:

Anyone else up for some AE tomorrow night?

jump, land xx SRK is too much!!

I’m down, 8-9ish right?

Yeah, but it looks like I probably won’t get there until about 9. I’ll be the older guy with a bunch of piercings playing Sim and other random people. Say hi if you see me :wgrin:

OoO ST victims, looks like ill have to stop by FFA tonight =D WOO!


an AE get together at FFA this sat?