Los Angeles Super Turbo/Hyper Fighting/Anniversary Edition

I should be there around 9:00-9:30, can only stay till 11:30-12:00 though.

The FFA AE H2H cab works just fine, the only problem is finding a chair. :lol:
Arcade Infinity also has an AE cab, but its a bit cramped for bigger players.
Anyway, maybe i’ll join one of these hangouts sometime. My Fei Long, Gief, and DeeJay gave quite a few FFA regulars a hard time last time I was there. :smile:

looks like i might show up as well.

Sounds like we’re gonna have a pretty good turnout tonight. Sweet. I’ll see you guys there!

I might be down for Sat as well, but I can probably only do late afternoon or early evening though. I usually go out on Sat nights.

hey i’m coming to LA in april.is this ffa place the place to play?and if anybody wants to play sf2i’m in.

The AE cab I think has sticky buttons, but the mod cabinet has ST and it works fine…but the first play stick gets really stiff. You can get good competition there, some of us were playing ST last night (My bison got dominated) . Most people play 3s though, so don’t expect huge lines for ST.

GG’s man! And GG’s to Norm and the guy playing the green Zangief on AE. Norm, you make me feel like a total scrub at this game :rofl:

I was the guy playing the gray Dhalsim and red Chun most of the night. My friend Jim was playin’ Gief, Balrog, and some HF chars on AE. The P2 stick on the ST mame machine seemed to pretty good to me, but I was having a hell of a time getting my moves out on the AE cab. Not sure what the problem was exactly.

But even with the dodgy sticks, I had a lot of fun. We’ll have to do it again.

GGs bro

Anyone down to play tonight??

I’m down, what time?

ima be there around 7ish
lets play

Anyone wanna get some games in tonight?

I’m down, what time? I’ll be there at around 7-8pm

I can’t make it this week, because I have company in town. You guys have fun!

ill be there in a bit :slight_smile:

Just got back. Where was everyone at??? This place is too far for me :(.

Anyone wanna play tonight? FFA, Arcade Infinity, or RFC?

anyone wanna play some on Thursday?

Hey Norm. RFC has anniversary right?

That’s what I’ve heard from this site, haven’t been there to verify it myself.