Lose connection on PC when bridged to 360

Ok I know I should have a hard-wired connection but it can’t be helped I’m afraid.

Either way I have my 360 connected to my desktop via ethernet cable and bridge the wireless connection to connect to Live. When I do so, however, I get a conflicting IPs message on my PC and it subsequently loses its connection. Even after I’ve shut off the 360, it won’t connect. It looks like its connected to my network in the ‘Connect to a network’ window but the system tray tool tip says ‘Unidentified network’. A reset of the router does nothing. In the past I’ve found the connection miraculously recovers after a random period but I’m not totally sure about this. The only sure-fire way to sort the issue is to restart the desktop. This simply is a bit of a chore. Does anyone have any advice as to how to sort this? Maybe a setting on the 360 I can change so the IPs don’t conflict? Cheers in advance.