Lose my flow easily


anyone have this problem, start off playing well then after a few matches you lose it and play like shit? lol i cant seem to hold it together


This is a normal thing, if you’re over tired especially mentally. Say after a SF4 practice session, or anything really hard on your brain i find that this happens, i’ll have no flow or feeling in the game, or in many other things in regards to “performing”,.

This is why it’s important to practice things so it becomes second nature. The more you have to think, the quicker you’re going to get tired and start losing your edge. Also I use to train my combos and what not before playing SF4 games but i’d end up playing really bad after a short while. Now i generally try to warm up a couple of combos for a few minutes and then play people, and make sure my mind is clear before i start playing. I also limit my SF4 playsessions so that i don’t play for more than an hour before a break. That’s what’s worked for me atleast for anything regards to performing well anyways.


thanks a lot! yup ive been really busy studying and thinking a lot so this makes complete sense. thanks for the reassurance!


I experience this whenever I play as soon as I wake up. It’s like, I can see what’s going on but I don’t react properly.


The tip about making it second nature is 100% true. If you think “okay, I need to do this combo” you’re not in good shape. If you just do it automatically you don’t have to worry about being stressed out.


If you lose that urge, just be alot more patient. I used to be very inconsistent at winning when I knew I was a fairly decent player. Now that I’ve become more patient and studied my character i feel alot more comfortable and able to think clearly.


I get this in the evenings. I find if I play not long after I wake up in the morning, I’m pulling combos and links out of my ass like there’s not tomorrow, though the moment I hit the evening, I flop and can’t concentrate.

If there’s stuff on your mind aswell it can distract you.


I play like shit for my first few matches in the morning. You should also just make sure you aren’t really predictable and can change it up if you need to.


after getting my ass kicked for 30 minutes i start to really lose concentration


What is most important is recognizing where you are at mentally. I can just tell when my hands are moving sluggishly and my brain is just taxed and I am getting predictable. I think the most important thing to do is to avoid creating “ideal conditions” where you convince yourself that you thrive in. For me I used to think that I would peak during certain times of the day or only if I drank an energy drink.

Eventually after I took a break and I came back I began hitting the dhalsim super cancel combo, and not only that I no longer had to worry about it coming out. I would obsess about not being able to hit it and I realized that because I was spending the whole match sweating the situations when I could land it that I was pretty much not focusing at all on the win overall. Now I am able to do it with minimal thought, aside from calming myself and reminding myself to not go to fast and now I can begin to focus on strategy and zoning.

So i guess in summary, recognize when you aren’t at your best and just play some fun matches with a hobby character and during training focus on execution until it is no longer an obstacle, then you can really start playing the game.


dont over think in a match. just let the streetfighter flow. I usully dont tink but i keep little notes that i notice the other player is doing. other than that everything i do is naturally put in my brain from playing soo many ppl and addapting soo much