Loser's Bracket Episode 105 ft. Alex Jebailey - MLG Fighting Game Discussion and More!

What’s up everyone?

Rapture here, bringing some hype news for all of you. Very shortly, I and the rest of the Loser’s Bracket podcast crew will be joined by Alex Jebailey of CEO to talk about fighting games! We will discuss with him a number of topics, including SFxTK, the Cross Assault drama, and relationship between MLG and the FGC. We’ll definitely be covering the prize pool increase for Mortal Kombat, as well.

The show beings at 9pm EST over at http://www.twitch.tv/livevvvgaming. You can join us for the show and chat alongside our discussion, so feel free to chime in on topics with both the cast and other viewers while we hopefully don’t get Jebaited!

Hope you all tune in! Thanks!