Loser's Bracket Round 106 - Ft. MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni


The Loser’s Bracket Round 105
Special Guest: Sundance DiGionvanni, CEO of Major League Gaming

This week on vVv Gaming’s The Loser’s Bracketpodcast, we will be joined by CEO of Major League Gaming,Sundance DiGiovanni to discuss the MLG Winter Championships happening this weekend in Columbus, Ohio! We will be using this opportunity to ask Sundance questions about MLG, the upcoming event, and much more.

Alongside our own questions, we’ll be picking out a few quality questions from the community, so if you want to have your question asked during Sundance’s time on the show, you can check out our Reddit thread (yes I know it’s on the SC2 subforum, don’t worry about that, we’ll take any and all questions!) and post the question you want to have answered:

Remember, we go live at 9pm EST over at http://www.twitch.tv/livevvvgaming. Tune in!