Losing battle points!?!?!

Is anyone else randomly getting battle points dropped? I literally just LOST 300…for no reason…:frowning:

Did you disconnect

No, no disconnecting!

I’m having the same problem. I will win a match then go back to the online screen and instead of me getting my points it says i have 0. This has been going on since i got the game. I cant even keep points cause after every match i go right back to 0.

Yeah I’ve had my points reset to 0. I just finally got back up to 1300

I’m having the very same problem. I hope they found a solution for this…

You’ll make it up in no time. There’s some really bad players online, lol

I had this issue as well, but after the first day it stopped happening.

what console are you guys using?

haven’t had this problem on PS3.

Me either.

I’ve never had this problem

Your little sister was playing while you was sleeping.

must be an xbox thing man this whole xbox thing just isnt working out well right now huh?

I’m playing PS3 version. Very frustrated.

Weird, never had any problems like this.

I’m at a lost for words @LazycashCop, again another basic problem that failed to get tested? Wow, new MAJOR problems
getting found every day. Haven’t experienced this yet, but wtf…

Nope i play on PS3 as well and this has been happening since day one. For example yesterday i won a match and i go 50bp. went back to the online screen and it showed 0bp and it does that every time i play a ranked match. The game refuses to let me keep the points unfortunately lol

Looks like Capcom failed again in designing a proper ranking system.

[LEFT]This has been happening to me all day on PSN… have just dropped from 1200 to 500 in an hour… Would win a game and then get over a 100 points deducted… I know points are meaningless but yeah still they are nice… This needs to be fixed…NOW[/LEFT]

These problems remind me Mortal Kombat and your online bugs.