Losing for no reason?

Half of the time i’m facing Ryu and Ken on the PSN network but i am really sick of losing to people who pick those characters and jump back and start throwing unlimited fireballs. I just faced a T-Hawk all he did was a condor dive and beat me. I have 3000 bp w/ Hakan and like 300 pp because of people who do the same stuff over and over and over…

Did you ever stop to ask yourself if there is any counter to said strategies?

One would think predictable people would be kind of easy to beat.

Stop running at them and play smart? All of the moves you mentioned (fireballs and condor dive) are relatively unsafe, condor dive especially. Block them and punish when they throw out specials, and for fireballs you can usually bait out fireballs at mid screen, jump in on them as soon as the animation starts and you’ll hit before they recover. Very easy.

Use jumping MP into Slide on Hawk, or any jumping shotos.

Slide under those unlimited hadoukens and knock them on their ass. Hakan is good for that.

Even though they do the same thing over and over it’s not always predictable because these people are random as hell

it’s like they have luck on their side

go into training mode, record what they do and learn how to punish it.

its true, its not like they ONLY do jump back or hadoken. they do do just enough random stuff to make it a pain. wakeup sweep? wakeup jump up jab?

The sad truth is, you’re not losing for no reason. You’re losing because you don’t have an answer for their wildly inept strategy.

ask yourself this, if someone isn’t going to punish you for condor dive then why the hell are you going to stop doing it? that is mad punishable.

I never like admitting to losing to random mashed shit but… quoted for fucking truth

You’re not losing for no reason. You’re losing 'cause you suck and can’t figure out why you’re losing.

Truth… I mean, part of it is just that I suck, but I’ve lost quite a few matches to “there’s no fucking way he can be stupid enough to try THAT” moments, where a second later they try THAT. Just have to play more defensive against these people… or on the converse, rush them down so hard they don’t have enough time to try too much random shit.

Playing defensively is a good tip against random players.

Another thing I notice isthe players that do the super random stuff aren’t usually the kind who also can punish you with big combos, etc. Basically whenever you make a mistake you eat a single attack or a two hit combo, etc, or maybe an ultra–which is something that always sucks. But I’ve rarely run into a player who is random who can really punish you for making a genuine mistake–it’s just random lucky hits.

The best way I can say to deal with it is make sure your punishes are hitting them hard. You should try to strive to make their mistakes cost them more health than there luck can take off of you. I know it’s easier said than done, but then every mistake they make will cost them while every mistake you make (as long as it isn’t one of those ultra situations) tends to only net them a few hits.

Finally someone understand what I’m saying. They get that one lucky j.hk and all of a sudden you’re eating an SRK xx shoryureppa. It hurts hard.

You have to play so seriously run away with these players so you can keep them where you want them. Keep blocking look out for throws and punish hard.

Would you rather block successfully and have them throw you a couple of times? Or get heavy jump-in Shoryuken in your face a couple of times…Your overly offensive strategy is being exploited, doesnt matter if the other player is 5 years old and just jiggling the stick and smacking buttons…Randomness throws people off their games, its just as viable a strategy as anything…Look at Daigo play HDR
Fact of the matter is, you learned how to execute some fancy moves so you think youre better at this game than the next guy because you can do trials…uhh wow looks like the other guy can too
You might drop one round like this to random shit but after that theres no real excuse, you got beat

Maybe if you jump in on them more…

Jump over, focus attack or use Hakan’s duck to avoid fireballs. Punish T-Hawk after the dive.

SSFIV doesn’t have one move is completely unbeatable. You need to know how to get around it and/or use it to your advantage.

Someone spams fireballs? Focus attack the first, jump over the second. No damage taken and no you have some ultra meter.

I’ve heard “punish T Hawk after the dive” a lot when reading this advice, but his condor dive ends with him out of range of anything. With Ryu, the most I can get off is a fireball and that’s blocked. Or is this a dashing thing?

With Ryu, I’m pretty sure you have time to walk forward and sweep.

I’ve punished Condor Dive with Ryu’s Super before, too.

Also, if you do a max range LP Fireball and you KNOW they’re going to Condor Dive you, do an LP Shoryuken when you think it’s going to hit you.

Otherwise, adaptation is the name of the game. Keep track of what your opponent does in certain situations, and if you notice they do the same things over and over, start figuring out how to beat what they do.

Also, Ryu shouldn’t be losing fireball wars. Use his Tatsu / Hurricane Kick to go through them and close distance.