Losing player points for no reason


Alright, so I know if you disconnect or rage quit, it can take a toll on your player points. I admit that I’ve done it before…but today I jumped back into playing online and my player points were at 378 after a few losses last time I played. I won two matches, they went up to 550 or something. Won two more matches and checked again, back at 378. This happened two different times today.

Does anybody know what the fuck is going on?

I usually create matches, and when I don’t, I play against “more skilled” players. I’m genuinely confused since I haven’t disconnected or rage quit in days.


Points generally don’t matter and I don’t think you should worry about them specially when your player points are so low…that its not worth mentioning…

here’s a similar thread that you might care


Haha, great…thanks for the help, idiot. All you did was tell me that my points are low. I’ve been playing for less than a couple months. The problem isn’t that my points are low, the problem is that they continue to disappear for no reason.


Well before you go call someone an idiot for responding, did you check the link? The OP in the linked post is suffering from the same problem you are. Which console are you playing on? Do you return to the main menu after playing some rounds online to let the game have it’s full save? I also do not have a large number of PP but I’ve never had this happen to me.


Check the link he gave you, Sherlock.

Act like an ingrate, that will really get people off their asses to Google your problems for you.