Losing the safety release


Well i have my own HRAP Ex and a Hori EX2, and my friend has a madcatz SE, and he wanted to borrow my EX2 to play with his friends for a bit, since it didn’t really bug me i let him borrow it. he comes back saying he lost the USB wire(the safety breakoff that goes into the USB port and stick cord). is there a place where i can get a new one? i’m not too sure if i’m posting in the right thread, so please excuse me if i’m stepping out of some boundaries. i tried googling it but i haven’t had much success, so thanks in advance to anyone who can help >.<


You want to look for this search term.

xbox 360 breakaway cable

I found this.



oh wow that was really fast!

hmmm that cables seems a bit too long for my tastes but anything will do i guess!

thank you so much!


back in the xbox days my dog chewed one of mine I asked in Gamestation and the guy gave me one (not that :stuck_out_tongue: a breakaway) so its worth tying anywhere the sells second hand parts