Losing to bullshit. Need some advice badly


I’m roughing it out at the moment, accepting that its my fault that I lose (as that is the only one to blame after all). But my losses seem to be majority from scrubs (not that I’m Mr. Pro, just that I lose to a lot of balls shoryuken spamming and jump in sweep comboers). Its beginning to affect my own playstyle which really annoys me, since I normally don’t use Ultras randomly. I suppose this is what they want (assuming they have intelligence/sense of tactics). However I just can’t cope, I meet a good player and my past experiences with scrubby players makes me bust out a random ultra and costs me the match. I need some advice to deal with them since its really ruining my tactics and fun in general. I can take a whooping, just when they dont intend to do it that pisses me off.

Anyway enough tl;dr, any advice on predicting opponents? Or if not, just something to help me deal with these guys and keep my sanity. At the moment I’m using Abel if that helps.


block more

  1. always assume wakeup srk
  2. if they have ultra, wakeup ultra
  3. if they have super they will do a move and continue mashing it and the super may come out
  4. if they jump in they are doing the jump kick sweep combo, probably mashing as well so look out for srk
  5. let them jump back into the corner
  6. if you have the life lead and they keep jumping back, then let them
  7. they use cr.rh a lot, so use your focus attack, or block it and punish (build super)


Feburary 15th.


I see what you did there.


You mean you’re losing to scrubs in Super Scrub Fighter IV? I am shocked!

Ok sarcasm aside realize that this game is incredibly scrub friendly ESPECIALLY online. So if you’re getting beat by bullshit don’t shake two shits at it. If you think about it scrubs use the same patterns over and over or exploit the same broken shit over and over.

If you’re playing online you need to be abusing a lot of Abel’s mixups. Offline they have a better chancing of blocking but online good luck blocking anything online.


Just play a hair better than your opponents, dont try to overanalyze their playstyle when in reality they dont have one. If you lose to spam jump-ins, dp more (in Abels case try a jump back fierce or standing fierce). Throw off their game so they dont wanna spam.

Shoryuken spamming is hard to deal with online particularly against kens. IMO, jab dp with him his way to quick on recovery for online. Try a well timed sweep after dp. Get close let him dp again and sweep. Until he quits. Make him want to dp but dont let it connect.

Dont feel bad about losing online. I lost a lot after trying SSF4 online and I almost never play fighters online because of it.


Are you implying that he’s from the future, or are you so single that you mentally skip Valentine’s Day altogether?? I am pretty confused.


Play footsies and anti-air them. Don’t do ANYTHING ELSE until you get a knockdown. Then do crossups (they don’t know how to block them often) and either tick tornado throw or block.

Punish things that are heavily punishable with cr.hp xx hp falling sky (put the lk roll in the middle if you are consistent at it.)


I use to have problems with fireball zoning (I have taken spamming out of my vocab because there is always a way to punish with patience) and srk… I Love playing people that srk all the time (i play ibuki on super) because I walk up to them on purpose knowing they are gonna Srk on wakeup and punish it with target combo>sjc>hk>targetcombo>sjc>command grab gets the fireball scrubs everytime! if they block a target combo then I sjc back and throw a kunai. :slight_smile: know that some characters can slid under fireballs and ibuki with meters shuts down fireballs!

(I realize this isn’t an actual combo but it gets the scrubs flustered and they think they are going to do the same target combo 3x(s), sometimes I do and then block and get thrown)


To beat a scrub, you must think like a scrub. Ibuki will always do random neckbreakers, Ken will always SRK on wake-up, Dudley will always do random (ex) MGB from full-screen, etc. Now maybe they won’t, BUT go into the match expecting it. I don’t even jump-in on wake-up anymore, I’ve just been baiting SRKs all day and doing 30% punishment combos.


I concur to number 1, I watched a couple of replays and you could see people mashing out the shoryuken command as soon as they get knocked down almost every time. Before that I’d try to Hasanshu them and wonder how they could have known to dragon punch through it…


When baiting a scrub reversal don’t stand point blank because they could wakeup throw you and hit you. Instead sit just outside their throw range so that if they reversal or throw you’re fine.

Lots of people will realize you’re doing this to bait their reversals. That’s when you walk up and throw them.

Forgot to mention: Learn setups that can’t be reversal’d out of, like delayed crossups or delayed meaties (technically not a meaty but you understand what I mean).