Losing to players both better and worse than you

Hi guys,

I’ve been lurking for a while and finally decided to create an account.

Lately I’ve been on a stable(ish) 2400-2600pp. Suddenly, the past week I shoot up and down (1900-2800pp). I expect players to adapt to what I do, then they don’t, and I lose.
So my question is: How can you tell when someone thinks they have gotten a read, or not?
It’s very frustrating as I seem to be losing against bad/new players and whilst doing well against higher pp players, but still losing because they do have more experience than I do.

This is a very common misconception that alot of players seem to have - that a single read decides games. It almost never does.

You’re not going to lose a match because the guy whose reversal dp you punished managed to tag you with it the third time. You might lose your cool. (which consequentially may cause you to lose the match) but it alone should not be enough.

If you are the better player, or even better yet if you’re trying to simply be a better player, play for consistency. A better player is not reliant on reads, but is always in position to exploit bad habits.

Improve your neutral game. The better you are in this situation the more opportunities you earn to observe and condition your opponent, and the less opportunities they have to condition you.

Also don’t concern yourself with points. It’s pointless (pun not really intended).