Losing to random Ultras

So I just started playing SSF4 online today after getting an xbox. I’ve been playing the game for about a year casually with my friend before I got it, but I keep losing against people I feel like I know I can beat.

I main Sak and the sheer wall of Kens and Ryus that I’m hitting is getting me down.
My main problem seems to be that I get caught against a freakin TON of random special moves that tear me apart - including supers and ultras.

I know I could play the patient game and try to outplay them on their own terms - but the whole point of playing Sakura, so far I understand - is the amount of options she gives but if I am going to take them away to win against random player don’t I just play Ryu and have done with it? :rolleyes:

No matter what character you play you are going to have to learn to block stuff like that. If someone is throwing random moves just use them as combo practice. Bait unsafe moves and punish them with your best combo every time. Don’t stop until they die. Against players at that level you don’t need any more advanced strategies than that.

Every character has to block, and if your opponent continually does unsafe moves over and over, why not just block and punish? Who cares about your characters options if your opponent is just giving you opportunities to punish them?

Blocking and punishing is easy enough when I’ve trained the opponent into spamming the uppercuts, but the reason I’m so frustrated is that a 3500 BP Ryu still loves to bust out the Metsu Shoryu on wakeup at any point after he’s got it. The option I’m faced with is to hope he doesn’t wakeup ultra me on a mixup - or to empty jump into block on untechable knockdowns. :\

I meant to add in that the random moves are not consistent at all - it would be easy pickings if it was constant.

Losing to people you thought you could handle happens basically forever to everyone, as well as getting caught by big fat guesses even at higher levels of play. The phrase “random” is very ambiguous, but what it breaks down into is “good gambles” and “bad gambles”.

When somebody makes a bad gamble, they have less to gain than what they have to lose. If you bait out a shoryu or ultra attempt, then you need to punish as hard as possible. If people think the consequences of messing up are small, suddenly the bad gambles aren’t so bad and they are going to throw a lot more BS at you.

I figured the feeling might never leave, Meteo. It’s good to know. I guess I’m just going to have to get better at punishing high tier characters’ specials.

I guess the bottom line is whether it means more to me to win more easily with boring characters - or lose more often with my favourite.

Yet another reason to spam crouching jabs in SF4. You’ll whiff through the invincibility frames but recover in time to block most ultras in the game.

Crouching jabs vs vortex? nggg

The bottom line is deciding if you have more passion for winning with what you think the best tools are, or if you have more passion for pushing a tough-to-use character farther than most people have encountered. Just remember how whimsical the nerfs and buffs for various characters have been…

Another practical piece of advice is, work on some ways of baiting out risky moves. Do what looks like a mixup and just block or get out. Don’t start an attack or grab until a couple frames after wakeup so you have time to block the ultra. Be more cautious when they have meter, but try and make them think you won’t be cautious before they have a chance to ultra.

Try playing first to 3 rounds instead of first to 2 so you have more time to feel out the opponent and learn their habits.

A) Scrubs play 3/5 to try and tip the lag scales in their favor. I’ve never seen a 3/5 ranked player that wasn’t a complete and utter online scrub.

B) I don’t know what the rest of these people are smoking, but it must be pretty good if online random shit suddenly became something to take into account as a part of learning the game. Give up meaty anything, mixup anything, mindgame anything, or reaction anything. Then watch as the rare decent player suddenly gets a reprieve on wakeup because you’re so used to herp derp shoto fuckbags and you lose momentum, because one MATCH isn’t enough time to really figure out what brand of idiotic habits online players are going to use. And even if you do, lag might not allow those huge punish opportunities to actually be possible.

WHEEE for one hurkaDURRRR move being able to take off enough damage to turn the tide! YAY!

this is obviously something you don’t wanna listen about. Just block. If somebody uppercuts you on wakeup that’s your fault. They CAN DO THAT. That’s their option. If you think you’re too smart then prove it and stop trying to meaty characters with good reversals.

These are your best friends in 2D Fighters
1Player side :l:and :db:

2Player side :r: and :df:

Good blocking can increase your gameplay dramatically. When i first started playing years ago I used to just block everything on key because i didn’t know who to react to certain moves in the right situations…Until i learned a course.

I have the same issue - usually it comes down to learning to watching their bars (EX and Ultra) and factor that into your game. There are many matchups where holding certain Ultra’s simply cuts down the other players options.

Specifically against Ryu Metsu Hadoken: Stand 0.75 to 1 ‘square’ (in the training room) away spam jabs. You’ll find they will wake up ultra and you can jump it 100% of the time (as long as your not on top of him) for a full jump in punish. Make it hurt - or better still inflinct maximum stun and dizzy. He’s obviously getting up after being knocked down and Sakura (IIRC) is a character that deals a lot of stun…

Sometimes you’re just going to eat wake up ultra’s and specials if you choose to keep that level of pressure on people. The good news is that after they do it once you can generally bait it next round knock down for maximum punish - and that’s usually a trade in your favour. I’ve noticed players are more likely do this when they are low on life and running out of options so its an easy round ender at times. If you play someone a few times in a row they can be ‘educated’ to no to this - but everyone would probably agree throwing it out once in a while to make your opponent think about it on your wake up is just smart mind games. Its an advantage of a 3f DP invincible reversal character.


PS - go into training mode and explore which of your specials have projectile immunity. I main Cody and I know that I can zonk through Ryu’s ultra if I happne to be too close to jump it. I dn’t know if you can use your EX DP the same way but if you have the EX bars you can probably learn to EX and FADC on reaction if they block you instead of wake up ultra.

PPS - as hard as it is you face if you’re so close to them lifebar-wise this wins them the round and/or gives them the lifelead and they go to ‘turtletown’ its time to look at WHY you are losing so much life to them. The answer may be as simple as stopping taking damage rather than solely concerntrating on dealing it to them… I have this issue ALL the time when I get carried way trying to rushdown with my Cody…

Holy shit this is the fucking truth. That and playing on autopilot against online scrubs and then suddenly hitting a wall when your opponents can actually recognize, bait and punish your shit and probably losing the first match by default :expressionless:

No, the OP is right. Nowadays, players won’t hesitate to Ultra/Super/Reversal on wakeup, and it does get frustrating. Seriously, everyone gets caught with it.

Just don’t respect anybody in this game, until they prove it.

sakura rocks, just keep at it till the suck gets beat out of you. seriously. you’ll learn to avoid that stuff or block it, but if you’re dedicated, you’ll nail after a while, this is what you might call pushing through the rough stuff

heres a tip to avoid and punish wakeup stuff (assuming you arent fighting someone with a wakeup command throw move):

  1. knock them down
  2. dash up to them
  3. when you get up to them stop and block
  4. if you’re lucky, they will throw out a wakeup move
  5. punish appropriately
  6. Profit

You are my hero.

I’m fairly certain i could get my Ryu to 3500 BP by setting the “LK/Confirm” button on turbo, and leaving a weight on the button. What i’m trying to say is, stop treating Street Fighter like an RPG against NPC’s, and start figuring out how to beat the players instead of the numbers below their names.

For SSFIV this is sadly accurate of a lot of players. Anytime I see a Ken all I have to do is get on top of them during wakeup and block the SRK, then punish with your best reset. Coming from GGPO mainly I was surprised by how awful the people on SSFIV are online. I usually tell people to play GGPO ST if they want to get better at the fundies.