Losing to stupid ish!

Do you ever lose to just the weakest things i mean even ppl with alot of points the “good ppl” even just throw out random stuff and they dont care idk if its ego or what but it throws me off like its hard to think and stay calm against a player who is decent or good but do random stuff its like they are playing stupid and smart when they have to.


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In the interim if you could read this: So, you want to be a Dominator

in particular:

“Saying things like this only proves how weak you really are. Its weak not just for having lost, but also for failing even to take anything away from the beating you just took. In the hurry to repair their (sad, local) egos, pride gets in the way of their being able to step back and figure out what really just happened to them. Instead of understanding it, theyre rushing to make it seem like nothing really happened at all. Predictably, they wind up saying, and then (incredibly) believing things like the above, preventing them from ever rising above the level they came in (and went out) at.”

Good Night and Good Luck.

1st to 10?

I’m down!

Then again, I’m always down. you on psn?

)= nope im on xbox although i did have super on psn but i retired from playing on psn when AE came out

Every once in a while I lose to a guy that’s more skilled than me. It’s such bull shit.