Lost 2d fighter from 90's

As a kid i used to play this 2d fighter coin-up in my local video rental store.

All i remember it had this purple suited young drunken master character and little girl with a giant axe.

What is this game?

Been googling for a while now without any results.
I’m shure someone here knows.

As a kid I used to this 2D fighter on Sega at my friends house.

All I remember it had this fine thick female with long dark hair who wore a purple outfit(not any marvel/X-Men lol you guyz are silly:looney:) It was dark themed almost gothic like.

What is this game?

Been googling for a while now without any results. But hey, I guess you don’t find much when you google 2D fighter with women who wear purple.

Eternal Champions?

GTFO. At first I made my post to mock your post kind of since we’ve been getting the “identify this game” threads lately.

But holy shit, YOU ARE RIGHT. It is Eternal Champions! Pos rep for you! You have assisted me in finding a game I wanted to find for years.

double dragon has a young drunken master

kabuki clash has a girl with a giant axe

Well, have you asked that question before? Or are you mocking me again?

I would appreciate if someone could “identify that game” that i tried to explain.

And sorry if this thread annoys someone.

I am not mocking you at all this time. Actually I never asked about EC before.

Anyway someone might know what game you’re talking about.

Cheers. Those are the ones i remembered.

But wtf(!!!), my memories seems to be really mixed. I could bet my head that those two were in a same game.
All I remember is playing one cabinet on a same spot and those two characters where the ones i remebered the best.
Maybe they changed the game on some point and i really didn’t noticed it. haha.

Well, thanks anyways.

Last Blade 2 has a young, drunk dude dressed in purple.

Both games were neogeo MVS games so more than likely they were on the same cabinet and you probably just got them mixed that way.

Did it have a Blob type character?

I see what you did there.

Hey guys, anyone know that game that has Shaq in it? I think he does kung Fu in it. Any ideas?


Maybe Time Killers.

Did it look like a smurf sort of? :rofl: