Lost 2k of BP on my Guile, but not really sure why


I got to 5k early December and I remember just constantly winning all my matches while 1) on the phone with relatives planning Christmas. 2) having relatives over planning Christmas.

Sitting at 5k I was pretty content (my goal was 6k-7k) and decided to just chill and do some holiday stuff and play Borderlands. When I picked it back up closer to Christmas I have done nothing but lost BP on my Guile…I don’t know why either. I am down to 3k. I don’t really feel like I’m doing anything different, if anything I am probably more technical in my execution, yet I am losing more and more matches.The craziest part is that I did most of the online ranked matches to 5k on the phone half-assed paying attention.

I can’t put my finger on why I’m losing so much. My internet connection is a little more sketchy lately, but not sure if the cause.


Sounds like it could be ring rust.


Keep playing?
That’s how people get all these insane amount of points…


I’m losing basically every other match, if not more. I wanna say its ring rust, but I pick up dusty ole UMVC3 and go on win sprees.


Like I said, keep playing…


Is it abnormal to up and down several K of BP?


BP becomes much harder to increase beyond 5K. Once you hit B rank, you start losing far more than you did previously on losses, but you don’t gain it any faster on wins. A lot of people you see with high BP but low PP deliberately tank their PP ranking with other characters, and then play low ranked people to boost their BP now that they are matched with people they can consistently beat. Why they bother is beyond me, but w/e makes you feel good about yourself.


It could be my connection, after today I’m certain that its worsened.


It started by caring about these points to begin with.


It started by caring about these points to begin with.


BP is actually not that difficult to gain.
You can lose 70% of your matches and still get 12k BP easily tbh.
I have seen 15k BP players with only 2k PP.


bp only gets pretty difficult to gain after 15 k bp
then you will need around a 60% winrate to get to 20k i think


judging from the title one would think that it was a server error on Microsoft’s part and you were punished with subtracting 2000 points from one match!


No you can’t, dumbass statement


Yeah something is wrong. I have fixed my connection issues yet I’m down to upper 2k BP which is insane considering I was at 5k+ in December.
Its like somebody doing calculus then steadily not being able to do long division for no reason.

Is this normal to fluctuate 3k BP?


The craziest part is I’m going on streaks in UMVC3 ranked still…yet I play that game almost half as much as SF4.


How much is your win rate now? I think you can get to 5k with a 50% win-rate but after that you’ll need to win more since the points start scaling.


i think even 40% is enough


Yeh around 40 to 45% should be enough for 5k. Beyond 5k you’ll need to start hitting 50%, and beyond 6500k you’d have to start getting to 55-58%. That’s my experience of it anyway


every retard can get to B rank , but then the things gen a litle more serious…They have to have a resonable skill lvl to get to B+ , and thats where our buddy here fails
i didnt wannt to be an ass and tell him that straight away , but most probably he sucks verry hard at the game …he got to 5k and thought he could progres using the same scrub tactics that got him to 5k but that aint gonna happen… he’ll have to sit,train hard,understand and study matchups if he wannts to get to B+ or more