Lost 400-500 points. Re-watched matches to see what I was doing wrong, have some questions


So yesterday in Street Fighter V ranked, I lost 400-500 points (1600 to 1100). Even when I went to Casual Matches I was losing. I re-watched my matches and I was able to see some flaws I had, however I’m here to ask some questions in situations I just wasn’t sure what to do. My main is Guile so some things could be Guile specific or just general situations.

[] As a zoner sometimes I’m having trouble when to go in vs staying back and not pressing buttons. Sometimes I go too ham and press buttons/jump in at wrong time and get bopped. However sometimes I also get too scared and just block a bunch before getting easily opened up/thrown/comboed. How to find the right balance?
] Sometimes I have trouble figuring out when exactly when to press buttons/jabs during pressure. I know it’s usually safer to block but eventually you’ll have to figure out when to press jab or other buttons to make them a little more scared to press buttons and to prevent them from throwing.
[] How often should you backdash and/or back jump? I know the general idea of both is to gain space so maybe when you feel like your offense isnt working well and you need a breather or creating space is vital in the matchup?
] As a charge character is it worth to shimmy outside using for the occasional (tick) throw?
[] How often should wakeup EX Flash Kicks (DPs) be done? Maybe like 1-2 times a set? I think I get too antsy and want to reversal and want to not use it too much. At the same time I want them to respect that I have the option.
] When blocking how do you figure out when it’s “your turn", is it all about matchups and frame data or just really obvious looking unsafe moves?
[] I like to throw Booms at the close-mid range to whiff punish pokes but sometimes when I throw fireballs at that range they’ll either jump on reaction or at the same time and I get bopped or have to block. Should I limit the amount of close-mid range Booms and focus more on my own normals and anti-airs?
] As a charge character doing the walking backwards/forwards footsie thing doesnt seem as effective as if you were a motion character. Is it ever worth doing this as a charge characters? Whats a nice equivalent besides holding down back? (which can be predictable)
[] I try to anti-air almost every time someone comes whether it’s wish a Flash Kick or normals. However a lot of the time I’ll be too late and get hit. How do I choose when to just block?
] As far as purposefully whiffing your own normals at safe ranges… is it a way to get people to make moves or keep them thinking?
[] As far as purposefully fishing for (Crush) Counter hits. How do you do it correctly? Most Heavy Normals have high startup so it’s hard to gauge when they’ll press a button without them hitting/counter hitting you first. So far, I can only get proper Crush Counters on Meaty Wakeups.
] Probably more of a Guile thing, how do you figure out when to actually jump in? It seems like one of the few ways to start a combo/pressure with him outside trying to fish a counter hit through a meaty but at the same time you cant do it too much or else you’ll get predictable when trying to pressure.
[] I’ve been trying to incorporate neutral jumping more, when’s it good to do that?
] * When is it generally good to sweep? Especially with a super unsafe/long one as Guile.


I cannot answer your questions since I’m new and still learning the game (and a lot of questions you just asked are questions I also have), but something got me curious. Did you get almost every match against silver and up? Yesterday I myself lost 800 points (1700 to 900). I feel that since Guile’s patch I almost always get really difficult matches.


I did get a bunch of Silvers but while I didnt win any sets I was able to at least win a game/round against some of them. Was a mix of Silvers, Super Silvers, Super Bronzes, Bronzes, and Ultra Bronzes.


Matchmaking is weird but it always has been. Currently sitting at about 2700 points yet sometimes I’m still matched up with people sitting on 800 points. I wonder if win streaks factor into who you’re matched with, cause I noticed that more often than not, the players that I face with much lower points and rank are on win streaks. Alternatively, if I’m on a decent win streak (roughly 6 or 7 matches), I get paired up with a gold player or higher. One time I got matched up with someone at 8k points. Honestly, I would really like to see what goes on with Capcom’s matchmaking.


I’ve suspected the same, but probably seeing patterns where there are none.