Lost a 360 TE breakaway cable/dongle

I lost the breakaway cable for the 360 TE stick. This is the small part of the cable that plugs into the 360 and can seperate from the rest of the cable for safety or whatever reason. The 360 wired controllers have these as well. PM me if you have one you can part with/sell. Thanks! :blush:

I see those breakaway cables all the time on eBay for cheap, http://cgi.ebay.com/Xbox-360-wired-controller-USB-breakaway-cable-cord_W0QQitemZ260488686160QQcmdZViewItemQQptZVideo_Games_Accessories?hash=item3ca655ea50#ht_500wt_1182

Checked out the same seller, he didn’t have one for the ps3. Did a search on ebay for a ps3 breakaway cord and none found. Will the 360 one work on ps3? I’ve got a modded stick using a cthulu board.

The Breakaway Cable is thing of Microsoft.
So Sony would not have one for PlayStation 3.

Not sure what I need then. Someone took mine by accident at SB4.

No such thing as a PS3 breakaway cord. Stardard Sony cable is a regular USB cable with a mini-B connector for the pad.

What exactly is your stick anyway. Is a it a PS3 TE, or a 360 TE modded to work on a PS3. If the latter’s the case, then you need a 360 breakaway cable.

It’s custom built from the ground up. Got a ps2 pad and a cthulu board for ps3. So I need to look for a mini B connector. http://picasaweb.google.com/wliu0912/RiotGuardSStick# This is what I have.

Yes, the 360 one should work on PS3.

Alternatively, you could take the wire apart and solder a regular USB Type A on it so you never have to deal with this nonsense ever again.

360 usb breakaway cables are like $3-5.

I have like 5 of those xbox break away cables. I keep getting to add one to my collection every time someone wants a ps3->xbox360 dual mod.

I’ll probably just throw some duct tape around the breakaway. I can’t solder well, atleast yet. I was originally worried that the wrong cord could make the Cthulu board malfunction. Thanks for the info.