Lost a resistor on my FS3 PCB

Hey guys,

Hopefully someone can help me out. I recently modded a FS3 by swapping in 6 sanwa buttons. It was a little hairy, I’m not the most skilled at soldering but I got everything to work. My biggest hurdle was when the contact ring for the “X” button fell off the PCB and I had nothing to solder the wire to. After reading around here and clicking links I was able to just follow the line on the board and find the resistor, R20, it connected up to. Then I successfully soldered the wire to the correct side of the resistor by building up a little extra solder to hold the wire. I taped everything down to avoid too much stress on the wires and contact with the bottom plate.

Fast forward about 3 weeks and somehow (nerd rage) the connection at R20 broke, not just at the wire, but the entire resistor came off and is gone. At this point it seems my options are:

  1. Does anyone have an unwanted PCB from an FS3 that they modded, in good condition, and would be willing to sell me?

  2. Is it possible that I can just replace the resistor with something from Radio Shack? If so, what I would look for?

  3. Is there some other generic PCB out there that I can buy online that could replace the FS3 one?

Thanks for any help.

Does anyone know if i can just replace it with a resistor from Radio Shack? That would be the easiest solution at the moment.

Please, my SF4 withdrawal symptoms are getting worse!

you can always try to use one of those Cthulhu pcb’s no?

I recently ordered a FS3 off ebay, still waiting on it though, but when I get tired of the buttons I might give one of these pcb’s a shot.

Yeah that was my first thought, they are all sold-out/back-ordered everywhere and it looks like no restocks for weeks at least.


By the way, I’ve been looking at people’s pictures they posted of their hori mods, and my PCB looks different than everyone’s. I have a lot more resistors in the lower portion than what I’m seeing. I guess I’ll have to get some pictures up.

Any thoughts on that? Do I have an older board?

If it is just a few resistors then it will be no problem if you are able to get a reference from what a good FS3 should look like. You can look up the resistance values of the resistors by looking up their color codes (shown here http://wiki.xtronics.com/index.php/Resistor_Codes )

edit: I’m not sure what Radio Shack carries but if you can’t find the resistors you are looking for there are a lot of online sites where you can buy things like that from (for instance http://digikey.com/ )

Ok so the resistor is a very tiny surface mount with “473” written on it. According to your link that means it is a 47K resistor. I tried out 1/2 and 1/4 watt resistors and it didn’t do anything.

Might just have to wait til the cthulhu boards are available again…damn.