Lost and Found?

Tons of new attendees to the event. Thousands in the ball room at once.
You lose something. So I’m letting someone know that something never turned up, and you’re free to do the same or lend any info. Sure, it’s a longshot but one still fights when the match is overwhelmingly against them right?

I’ve been to a few evos before so it was bound to happen: I lost my camera.
Sadly, it’s not the camera inkblot has been trying to get to its owner, but a smaller more compact one:


This was left behind by me right after judging HD Remix pools, pool H. The last footage on it was video of Voltech vs NKI.
Let me know if you’ve got it or leads to it. I’m happy to offer reward. Thanks!

Also noted that someone lost their stick at evo, it’s a common one so help a fellow player out!


Now offering reward of $120 for said camera if found, no questions asked. Thanks.