Sorry if there’s already a thread dedicated to this. Just wanted to centralize a thread for post and found at evo.

I found a orange and green backpack at the craps table under a chair. Figured it was from a fcg guy. I turned it into security. Sorry if your weed was in there.


Correction. Not craps table , at that craps floor game .


ANybody find a silver iPod classic on the exhibition floor? My son dropped it on Friday around 2pm. If anyone grind this, it would be amazing


i lost a samsung galaxy3 in a grey case(blue body) ={


I lost a copy of UMvC3 for Vita during the MK9 side tournament


I found someone’s glasses on Thursday around 5pm during the Check-In. They were on a table where the couches were located at the entrance.

I gave them to the staff doing the check-in (A lady in pink shirt to be specific).


I lost a green camo hat (size 7 and 1/4) sometime during or after the screening of matador either in them main seating area or somewhere over where smash casuals were being held

I’d love to get it back if anyone found it, it has a great deal of sentimental value to me

During grand finals in the way way absolute back wall I lost a little black and green transcend flash drive as I was doing a bit of work during killer instinct finals.

Also right after grand finals I found someone’s wallet and turned it in to lost and found

For everyone else, here’s the number to lost and found at the hotel, hopefully your luck with them is better than my own.

1-702-732-5111 ext 5097***