Lost Bison Image request

Quite a long time ago I saw a very early drawing of M.Bison (dictator) sitting on a couch with his hat off. This was rather unique simply because his hat was off, which even to this day I rarely see except in his CvS2 taunt.

Anyway, I’ve since lost that image, and I’ve tried for quite some time to find it again.

There’s quite a lot of interesting artwork out there, but I’ve yet to find that specific one I’m searching for.

A link or a mirror site would be greatly appreciated.

wasn’t that same pic in EGM?

it sounds familiar…

I might have it, this it?

^ there another one like that in colour though.

Ah yeah, thanks for that, that’s the scene.

My memory might be a bit fuzzy, but I also remember one similar to that one but with color, and I think the perspective was at an angle but I’m not sure. I wonder if anyone has that one too?

Thanks Scissorman.