Lost my confidence as a player :-(

I used to pretty satisfied with my skills in sf. I started to main yang when ssf4ae came out and I decided to get extremely serious about the game. I practice for about 2 to 3 hours a day. My pp online was around 2500. But for the past 3 weeks, I have been making horrible decisions against my opponent. I’m starting to lose a lot more and my confidence has dropped significantly. My pp are now at around 1000. I feel as if the harder I study a match-up, it just doesn’t pay off. My reactions feel a bit weird and my mind is sometimes on auto pilot. I just need some tips on how to bring my mental toughness back up.

Sometimes, I ask myself if I’m just fooling myself and that I will never get that good.

If you really wanna get good I’d say you oughta play more, 2-3 hours is very little time to practice something this complicated

Less time online, more time at local tournaments and casuals.

I mean some high level players like wolfkrone only play this game 3 hours a day. I guess I gotta find a scene somewhere in West Palm Beach, FL. It’s hard cause I’m a broke college student with no car.

A lot of FG players are broke college students…they find a way.

Go to regional matchmaking…get involved with the scene.
I’m sure someone would be willing to give you a ride.

This. I’m a broke college student in Tallahassee (shoutouts to FL!). The FL scene is VERY much alive, you’ll find someone to play with there. Also, high level players got to that point by playing a lot more than three hours a day AND most of that play is offline.

Just don’t get this into your head. There will always be good days and bad days, thats just a fact. When you can live with you loses as happily as you can with your defeats then you have a real accomplishment. Just keep at it and remember that to really get good at this game you need to enjoy it. Things are going to be worse before they get better, but if your patient you will get there. Just remember you don’t have to become a pro overnight, for every failure if you put just devote yourself you’ll get there.

ps. Don’t worry about pp, they really don’t mean shit. Also i absolutely agree with going out and playing with actual people, get involved in the scene. Its a lot more beneficial and a lot funner to play when you can attach a character in the game with someone whose right there with you.

There’s no magic number of hours per day that will make you a top player. Maybe 3 hours a day works for some people, but most top players I know spent way more time training than that, especially when they were still working towards top player status. At my peak interest in SF I was probably clocking in at least 30 hours a week, and I never became a top player.

Think about how and why you lose, try to gain something from these losses instead of letting them put you down. You know you can do well, you’ve already proven that to yourself before. You need to find out what has changed your play for the worse, or recapture what made you strong in the first place. Maybe an autopilot mindset is screwing you over.

I was in the same position somewhat recently actually. I also used to be around 2500PP, and I went down to 800PP at lowest. I’m getting some good wins again, since I’ve been playing more calmly. I used to let losses put me into a rage of unwise DPs, fireballs, and sweeps.

More than 3 hours a day is a joke. People have lives, school and work, I understand if you’re actually in a competitive tournament playing capacity then it’d be considered work and you should be putting the time in, but if you’re not getting anything out of it and just playing for fun (but still want to do great), you shouldn’t be wasting your life away playing 5 hrs/day. It’ll become more of a grind than a game just for fun, which is why you’re not having fun. just be real. working a real job for 5 hours instead would give you much more for your time than training for a game you won’t be playing competitively.

i know what your problem is.

you need 2-3 weeks off from playing that particular game. thats all. it sounds more like your playing is getting worse coz you’re losing concentration. you’re losing concentration because the game isn’t giving you the stimulation it used to give you. it happens to everyone that plays one particular game for too long. you end up losing focus from just being overstimulated from it being too much of your day/week play.

just take a break from it for a little while. when you’ve spent a couple weeks completely away from the game…you’ll start to get “the itch” to pick it up again. when you can’t bear the itch anymore…the enthusiasm to pick it up again, when you eventually do, you’ll notice your game being up & running again. you’ll be back to your old self again.
sometimes there’s too much of a good thing.
so take a break for a little while from the game.

The solution might be to play less, not more.

You need to ask yourself if the game is even fun to play right now. If you aren’t having fun, then why are you playing? You want playing the game to be an enjoyable experience above all else. The last thing you want is the game to turn into some sort of chore that you feel obligated to do.

I look at great players and i notice that they can set the whole pace of the match to their wanting. This is what I’m lacking the most. Maybe my footsies need to approve. I still have love for this game though.

You know they nerfed the shit out of yang via the 2012 patch. I know shit he had that was safe is no longer safe. Maybe you just need to adjust. I would suggest looking over the change list. Also in ae yang was top 3 now hes mid to low tier so it doesn’t suprise me that a mid level player would lose alot of points when 2012 patch came out. Everyone else dropped yang you might want to think about it.

The twins were nerfed so hard I doubt that it is worth sticking with them (play to win!). Some people like to stick with a character no matter what but if losing is getting you down it might be worth a change.

I believe there is a thread for the West Palm beach area in the matching section. Check that out brah. Also try to find if anybody in your college is in the scene already. You will be surprised! Facebook is your friend.

Having a local scene would be great but it’s not an option for everybody (ie: I live in a small community in Northern Ontario and there is no scene).

You know what this means?

You ARE the scene.

How badass do you feel right now?


More than 3 hours a day is a joke.