LOST Season 5 Thread

I know we had an old thread for it, but search turns up nothing. So before I press the button and take a swig o’ MacCutcheon, I’m starting a new thread. Season 5 Starts tomorrow. Discuss. :tup:

Yeah there is another thread, and I think it’s only a few pages back. BUT I say we just keep this one since the new season is starting.

I’m extremely excited. I most likely won’t be watching it until the season is over though, so I can just knock it all out in one weekend. I find tv shows much more enjoyable that way.

Regardless of how I watch it, if it’s even half as good as season 4, it’ll be sweet.

Damn right. Seconded. I loved S4 and I think, from what I’ve read about S5 so far, this season’s going to beast as well.

I thought S4 was kind of wonky. Entertaining, but goofy, nontheless.

I’ll watch it in a few weeks(unless tonight is a 2 hour special).

Season 4 was a huge improvement over the shitty season 3. 5 should be interesting with how they get back and what happened when they left. Pretty sure tonight is 2 hours with the first hour being a recap.

I hope we don’t have to sit through a recap at all tonight after 3 hours of recap last week.

The Constant is still one the best episodes of the series. IMO.

Ew. No. Loved the ending, but I thought it took too long to get to that idea, because I had that idea as soon as he explained it.
I thought the best episode was the “recap” episode, with the survivors on the other side of the island. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL how they put it all back together at the end. Explained who Boone was *really *communicating with on that radio.

the end of episode 2 was really sick. also, i wonder what exactly is “special” about desmond… we have seen hints throughout the series.

i just finished season 5. w00t. i’m excited for the “FINAL SEASON”. will all our questions get answered? lewl.

I’ve been going on a LOST marathon the past few weeks to try to get prepared for the series finale.