Lost SRK Marvel Article: AHVB

I HELLA don’t remember who wrote this or what we were even going to do with it or why it never got posted or anything.

Enjoy MvC2 Day 1 article:


Air Hyper Viper Beams (AHVB)

What is the AHVB? Basically, the AHVB is exactly what the name implies, a hyper viper beam done in the air. Once you hit an opponent with 1 AHVB if you are close enough to the ground you can do up to 5 if the super meter allows it, but usually 3 will suffice to kill off your opponent’s character. The reason why this works and the ground version of the Hyper Viper Beam doesn’t chain into multiple Hyper Viper Beams is because the Air version doesn’t have the lag period at the beginning and at the end of the super. In other words you can do multiple AHVBs in a row, but you can’t do ground Hyper Viper Beams in a row because of the lag. The following will be an in-depth article about how to use the AHVB effectively.

There are many ways to set up for the AHVB - you can simply jump up, wait until you’re almost landed and cancel the fall into an AHVB, the problem with this is that it’s too obvious, a good opponent will know that you’re trying for an AHVB opportunity and they’ll most likely block you’re AHVB and cause you to waste meter, or worse if they’re a teleporting character they can teleport behind you and attack you while you are up in the air holding on to a gun which is pointing in the wrong direction.

But thanks to modified joystick commands, we can cancel a super-jump into an AHVB in less than a second. The idea behind this is to do the old school Street Fighter Sagat Tiger Knee motion, which is down, down-toward, toward, and toward-up then hit your 2 punch buttons. What this essentially does is the computer detects your down motion and your up motion (the toward/up) which is the regular motion for a super jump, but also reads the fireball motion (down, down-toward, toward) along with hitting the 2 punch buttons. This essentially tricks the computer into doing an air special or super as soon as you leave the ground. Then, just like that your super-jump will cancel into the AHVB almost instantly and barely off the ground allowing you to chain into more.

This gives way to the idea of doing multiple AHVBs. Because there is no
lag before or after the Air version of the super, Cable will land before your opponent’s character lands and before they can recover out of hit stun to block. The idea behind doing multiple AHVBs is pretty simple, the instant you land you input the modified Tiger Knee motion, this will cause you to do another AHVB which will connect because your opponent is still in hit stun. You can do this up to 5 times if your super meter allows it. But as mentioned earlier 3 times will usually be sufficient to kill your opponent’s character.

With that said, we’ll explain a few better set-ups you can use for the
AHVB. The first and easiest one is with the use of Anti-Air Assists (AAA) like Cyclops or Psylocke for example. These assists will knock your opponent into the air for a few frames, giving you more than enough time to do the modified tiger knee motion AHVB. Once you hit them with 1 AHVB, you should instinctively know now to do multiple AHVBs to kill them off if you have enough super meter.

Another way to set-up for the AHVB is off of guard break. I won’t explain the dynamics of guard break because that has already been done very thoroughly in Derek Danials, Dan Thompson and John Choi’s article about guard breaking. The easiest way to guard break is when you killed your opponent’s point man and the next character is ‘falling’ into the screen. As they’re falling you can jump up and hit them with fierce (Cable’s Gun) this will cause them to block, you will once again, land before they do if you timed it properly, if you pause for a fraction of a second and do the tiger knee motion AHVB you can easily kill of your opponent’s new point man without taking any damage whatsoever.

A third way, which is a little more difficult, because u have to get the timing correctly for the AHVB to connect. The way you set it up is, you hit your opponent with LK, LK, then HK, wait a fraction of a second then cancel the HK into a tiger knee motion AHVB. Setting it up this way is considerably harder than the other two because of the timing.

There is another use for the AHVB other than killing off your opponent’s current point man you can use it to punish assists. The easiest way to set this up is if your opponent is extremely predictable about when they call in an assist. For every assist if it’s called and you block the hit or it whiffs, there will be a very brief period of time where the assist will stay on the screen and taunt. This is where Cable can capitalize on the AHVB’s assist punishing power if you have enough meter. While the assist is out on the screen taunting you can do the modified AHVB motion and punish the assist, if you’re lucky enough you might even hit the point man at the same time, effectively killing off 2 birds with 1 stone.

There are a few other characters which can capitalize on the modified
joystick motions. For example Dr. Doom, can shoot out his air photons or his air photon super, very quickly. But once again, Cable benefits the most from this technique because his recovery time from the AHVB is
virtually nothing.

Dude, you gave away my top secret strat! :sad:


Now before I get dissed for my ignorance…

…oh! So that’s how you AHVB! :wow: I’m sorry, I play mostly MvC, CvS2, and 3s, so I never got into Cable and I was always amazed when people do it and get the timing right, but geez.

I hear this is a good move.

nice article, too bad I didnt have this a year ago.

So…I am now ready to play MVC2 or something? Is there no more you canteach me after these three lessons?

Something…nostalgic about that. I miss the early days of MvC 2.

Dude, that short, forward, roundhouse, AHVB combo is hella tough! Only experts need apply!

I swear I’ve read that before.

Ya I’ve read that too?

Honestly it’s as easy as drinking a glass of water. The tiger knee is the hardest part. You just wait until the hk pushes you away from the oponent then you activate it. Instead of canceling it directly.

In brief, some normals can be canceled with a super jump. Cables hk can be SJC in it’s later frames, specificaly when he moves away from his oponent, not while it’s conecting. Seing as the AHVB involves a super jump this is how the combo is possible. Broken :tup: .

I find AAA make it harder to kill of an oponent with AHVB since I can only usualy connect it twice off the likes of cyclops. For a kill the guard break and lk, lk, hk set ups are my two favourites.

thanks for that, i dont play mvc2 so it was nice to read

Well, guess i’m ready to play MvC2 now! :slight_smile:

You TOO can play marvel in 5 minutes! All you need is this article and Team scrub! :stuck_out_tongue:

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i’ve been doing what this article says since 4 years ago, but i guess its ok for the new comers :confused:

yup and be sure to mash the hell outta the buttons to make em hurt!

i cant believe the article neglected to mention that lol

The article was written 5 years ago. Thats why it’s the Lost SRK Article…it never got posted.


I want to pick 3 cables so i can connect multiple ground HVBs

umm… I hope half of the posters on this thread were being sarcastic about this being hard or never knowing how to do this =/