Lost SRK Marvel Article: AHVB

Damn. I didn’t even know they had short buses in the UK.

Offtopic: Knocking bitches down steps is a great way to relieve some stress.:tup:

seriously. good read and great avatar, the thread delivers.

this is good shit cuase i don’t play marvel all that much and always wondering how people were doing the ahvb with such precision and skillz.

man i still remember when srk posted first marvel vids july/august of 2000. i was like :wow: :wow: at the cammy combos. good times good times.

also there was like one of the 1st marvel tourneys in arizona just local tourney in 2000 and i remember it got front page on srk tellin everyone to go. great stuff when forums consisted of 25 registered users. :karate:

lol, ahhh. :rolleyes:

i still like lk lk hp(not hp x4) AHVB…somehow it’s like cable showing u his tiny pistol and when you think its over, whacks you with the big un :smiley:

This thread ruined my day… thanks.

Yeah this isn’t exactly a groundbreaking new strategy.

I feel bad for those that don’t know what AHVB is. Best move in the game right next to the magnus rush down.

Oh man, after reading this I think I’m ready to win Evo2k6!

Everybody gets shot!

Talk about old school :stuck_out_tongue:

damn is all the noobs from gaia?

This makes me laugh and I hope people know why.

Stop being so secretive and explain!

:rofl: Can you please tell me how to perform this move… what you call the “magnus rushdown”?

Between you and me I hear this AHVB business is some sort of secret Illuminati tactic.

Good, I thought I was the only person that thought that. :rofl:

omni, these old articles should go up into the srk article section anyways,

they’re better as hard information in a section outside of the forums.

:confused: i don’t know what game you’re playing but i sure as hell don’t wanna see match vids