Lost SRK Marvel Article - Traps of the Trade Part 2

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===Trapping Duos===

This trap is also seen very commonly, however it is rarely executed properly. The whole goal of the Strider/Doom trap is to provide a lock-down with the Ouroboros super while using Doom-B assist to get free block damage. However, most players who try to execute the trap call their Doom assist too early which leaves holes in the trap. The point of the Doom assist is to hold the opponent long enough to allow the orbs to run off screen so that you can re-activate the Ouroboros and continue on with the trap. If you call Doom at any point besides the very end of your Ouroboros period (the game even makes it easy for you by showing you how much time you have remaining), then you are allowing for more holes in the trap.
A good trap pattern for Strider/Doom involves the use of the Ouroboros super quickly in succession of each other so you want to try and build up super meter as often as you can. One of the easiest ways for you to accomplish this is with Striders quick sabretooth cats and birds, jokingly called the animal kingdom or the mini-legion. The process simply involves throwing out the cats over and over again forcing most opponents to jump. Mix in throwing birds when you think your opponent is going to jump. This gives Strider control over the match. Because of the crucial nature of the space that these animals control, the ground and the near air, this means that the opponent will have to vacate the area in a predictable way, usually super jumping. You can use this knowledge to your advantage.
You can just keep throwing the animals out there, slowly building your meter (quick tip: for maximum meter building, quickly cancel a Fierce or a Roundhouse into the cat or bird youre throwing. This builds your meter twice as fast and doesnt cost you much time at all.), and as your super meter fills, the amount of block damage you can deal to your opponent just keeps increasing. This is why theyre forced to have to make their way in, wading through your animals. When they get too close (hopefully theyre jumping in and unable to alter their direction), simply cancel the last animal you did into the Ouroboros super and just like that, theyre stuck. Now your goal is to keep them there while building up meter until you can call Doom at the end and repeat. While the Ouroboros are active, try to keep building meter by constantly doing moves. A good series is to do 2 quick cycles of Fierce -> Roundhouse, cancel into cat, then to teleport to the side closest to where the orbs will run off screen (or if youre on that side already, do another Fierce, Roundhouse), then calling Doom, stall for a little time with chains while they block Doom, then do bird cancel into Ouroboros before they can get away from Doom assist. Why do the bird instead of the cat? Because the bird will occupy the airspace that the opponent will use to escape, (jump away) and keep them grounded thus allowing for you to repeat the process.
Where do teleports factor in? Well, teleports can make for good defense. If youre just interested in killing time, you can do animal farm from one side of the screen to the other, teleporting away from the pressure on you. You could also do things like calling out Doom, then teleporting behind them and keeping up pressure from one side while Dooms rocks attack from behind. This is probably one of the most effective ways of taking on Cable in the game. He cant AHVB 2 sides at once.

Counter characters:
Ken-A: Wonder why he keeps showing up? Well, that assist is good for lots of stuff, primarily hitting and cutting through more than one enemy. This is perfect for beating Strider/Doom. Whether by variable counter, reversal, or assist, Kens Shoryuken destroys the trap. It will hit Doom and put him off screen for most of the duration of the trap, and/or hit Strider and make him waste the rest of his meter. Combining Kens assist with a good fast attacker will pretty much shut down Strider for good. Strider has the lowest stamina of any top tier character so it only takes a few good hits to end his game.

Storm: Storm has a tough time versus Strider as a point character, but she can stall for time well and her assist pretty much nullifies the control factor on the ground. Calling Storm tornado assist will wipe out the cats and establish control for you. Also, when Strider activates Ouroboros, she can super jump and get away with air dash and lightning attacks and stall with vertical tornados until the orbs run out.

This is a topic that has come up often on this site in the forums section. Out of all the traps detailed here, this is the one that most often turns out bastardized. And the usual reason why is because the executor of the trap simply is not pushing the Jab button fast enough. A quick way to tell if youre throwing them fast enough is to reload, then throw all the knives as you are jumping up into the air and see if you can make a rough estimation of a line. The enemy should eat all 6 in one tight little line that will combo.
Remember, the 6 knives always come out in the following order: high, med, low, low, med, high. So if you want a straight line of knives, you can start throwing out the first 3 knives on the way up then throw the next 3 on way down. If you reverse it and throw first 3 knives on way down from a jump and next three on way back up, you will get a nice set of spaced out knives that makes it difficult for opponents to maneuver out of. B4 MVC2 champion Duc Do popularized Spiral with his extreme finger speed and the latter method of throwing knives. He would reload knives in the air while Cables beam assist covered him, then start throwing 3 knives on way down then next 3 on way back up, reload, repeat. The key to this trap simply requires fast finger speed so that you can get as many knives out as possible.

When you play this team, youll want to ask yourself one question first of all. How do I get knives? The most common way that you get knives is by calling a ground protecting assist, then super jumping away and getting knives. If the opponent starts super jumping after you out of fear that youll get knives, you can use the QCB+Roundhouse move when they get high up, to quickly drop, then reload when you hit the ground.

Once you have knives it gets easier. The premise of the trap now is very similar to Doom/Blackheart-B and Sentinel/Blackheart-B. Spiral controls the ground with her knives and forces opponents to jump at which point you can call Blackheart assist. Spiral can even control things on her own using her circular sword release. If the opponent manages to super jump out and tries to land near Spiral, she can jump up and perform her circular sword release (QCF+Short). If the opponent gets hit, you can jump up and do an air combo or if the opponent blocks, this gives you enough time reload, call Blackheart, get away, or even all 3 of those things. Keep in mind that she also has a teleport that can be controlled to help you get away from danger.


Storm-A: Storms Alpha assist of tornado will clear out all knives on the ground. Also, if she is the next character in line and you have 2 supers stored up, you can perform any super the moment you see Spiral reload or is about to reappear after a teleport (Spirals teleport is invulnerable at startup but is vulnerable when she reappears), then Delayed Hyper Cancel (DHC) into Storms Hail super which will come out instantly and nail everything on screen. This technique of DHCing to Storms Hail super, which comes out instantly, can be applied to lots of situations in the game.

Sentinel: Fierce laser into Sentinel Force with Short will clear out the knives and hit Blackheart. Sentinel has super armor so even if he gets hit with some high or low stray knives, he will still be able to continue on with his attack pattern.

Doom: Doom can repeat his jumping Fierce laser, which will prevent Spiral from getting knives and will also cut through any thrown knives. The laser also hits multiple targets so it will hit Blackheart away as well.

Ruby Heart: Her Short Sublimation will deflect all the knives allowing you to call assists freely. Preferably, you want to have a projectile assist partner so that you can attack Blackheart and Spiral while you defend with Sublimations.


Now, unlike a lot of other traps that have been discussed here, if performed correctly (that being the key part) against bigger characters there is NO way out of this trap. You read that correctly, once this gets started the opponent can let go of the controller and they will still be in blockstun. There will be no chance for them to even get hit on purpose to try throw off timing or stall calling out Sabretooth assist again.

-=Start of the Trap=-

Lets assume that Dancing Sword (Half Circle Back+Punch) is not activated. You will first want to call Sabretooth Assist, teleport to the other side (Short or Roundhouse) to protect Sabretooth from the opponent (such as Air Hyper Viper Beam, etc). As soon as the opponent starts blocking Sabretooth, activate Dancing Sword.

-=The Trap=-

The trap involves throwing the knives towards the opponent at a very specific rhythm, calling Sabretooth Assist to keep them in blockstun while you reload, repeat. The actual sequence is:

Knife 1, Knife 2, Sabretooth-B, Knife 3, Knife 4, Knife 5, Reload while 3 missles from Birdie are shooting, Knife 1, Knife 2, Sabretooth-B, Knife 3, Knife 4, Knife 5, Reload, Knife 1, etc

To give you a more accurate representation of how this trap should be performed, this is the tempo for it:

Knife 1 (1/8), Knife 2 (1/16), Assist (1/16), Knife 3 (1/8), Knife 4 (1/8), pause (1/8), Knife 5 (1/8), Reload (1/4), repeat.

What that means is tap Jab, then Jab and Assist almost as fast as possible without over lapping, Jab, Jab, pause, Jab, Reload, Jab, etc

-=Detailed Look at the Trap=-

Spirals Knives travel as High, Medium, Low, Low Medium, High if you throw all 6. So you want to eliminate 2 high Knives as much as possible, which is why you only throw 5 Knives. So we should assume the opponent will crouch block against this trap which is why a lot of people can escape this trap as they are too small to be forced to block all the Knives and Sabretooths assist. (add in more detail about the first knife going over their headIm stuck on this part)

Thanks: Kris Grytebust (initial information), Nick Inabnit (strider/doom vid), Jack Lin (translation)

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Good Read. I liked the Spiral Sabretooth part.

I remember writing this article. It was 2 computers, 14 roommates and 6 apartments ago. I also remember SOMEONE busting my balls for it, demanding that I get it done on time because it had to be up on SRK in “a couple days”.
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