Lost Your Stick At Evo?

I made this thread because i lost my friends stick.

Its a tekken 5 stick, but with yellow stick, and 2 yellow KKK and PPP buttons. The other buttons are white sanwa. please, if anyone has found this, give it back to my friend.


i know there are theifs at evo, but this is worth a shot.
Campbell Tran aka Buktooth, also got his stick stolen. if anyone finds this, please return it. The stick is a regular hrap with green buttons.

It’s the one Bronson threw! GGPO T5 stick

No reward?? :rolleyes:

i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if youre stick is missing, someone prolly jacked you. 2% of SRK is grimey motherfuckers… Watch your shit better next year.

I lost something very important: my heart. Gene stole it.

no homo

im just surprised someone would be in choi’s room and steal an unfinished piece of shit with no screws in it and stock hori stick… :rolleyes:
seriously, the most modding done to that thing was two kid robot stickers :arazz:

my stuff stolen…

Silver Slim PS2, modded

folder full of PS2 games with most games burned onto Sony ACCUCORE 16x DVD-R with black or blue sharpie with neat handwriting

Official SONY PS2 AV Cables

Official SONY PS2 Component Cables

SRK=Theives? Nahhhhhhhhhh

Wow thats really bad I feel very bad for you all.

and i was about to bring my ps3. shit like this is the reason why i don’t want too many stuff with me. next year i’ll bring just 1 stick and that’s it.

i could pinpoint when my stuff was stolen, but then i would be gravely accused for being a hater towards a particular fighting game’s community, so i will just chalk it up as a loss and purchase a new PS2.

yo man thats your shit you need it back you should do whatever it is possible to get it back.

i have no verifiable proof about who stole my stuff, i found a couple of burned games and my kickass surge protector in the same general area where my stuff was stolen as to support my claim that my stuff was in indeed thieved.

That’s what I do at just about every tourney now. Carry my stick with my damned name on it.

Both SRK and attendees have had shit stolen. NKI had his stock stolen 3 years in a row. James Chen had his stick stolen twice I believe. We’ve lost several copies of CvS2, AE, and Slash. If I recall, we lost a few Accent Core this EVO as well! I’m just glad we didn’t have a PS3 stolen.

XTG, did you say a silver silm PS2? I think I saw it at the staff at some point during Sunday. Maybe Wizard can check storage for it some time in the year.

There shouldn’t really be any reward given due to player courtesy. If you picked up someone’s shit, be courteous and return it and only have shipping paid for. Then again, people asking for a reward may be the ones who took the shit to begin with. Greedy f’ers.

it would be my silver slim if Neo Geo Battle Coliseum was inside the console…SNY DVD-R 16x ACCURCORE with blue legible sharpie handwriting

I lost a black Quiksilver backpack on Sat. Anyone see it? It had a black element cap in it, a pair of dress shoes, and some random stuff. Who would want to steal that stuff?

If it’s all black, the girls from Toyota for the contest found one and went around asking people whose it was. Granted it was during the finals so noone paid attention.

Yeah it’s pretty much all black. Maybe they gave it to wizard or something. Thx for the info.

the ground broke my stick, can someone replace it.


good job gene