Lots of Consoles and Games: Dreamcast, NES, SNES, Genesis, CD, 32X, Saturn, PS2

Properly working Dreamcast($50) with a few bonuses only to disclosed to the purchaser
4 controllers($15/each)
2 memory cards($7/each)
Marvel Vs Capcom ($30)

Feel free to make offers on some of the other stuff I have right now as well:

PS2 and 1 controller
Tekken5 for PS2
Kingdom Hearts 2 for PS2

1 Sega Genesis w/ Sega CD in original box (make offer)
1 Sega Genesis w/ Sega CD without box (make offer)
1 Sega 32x system in original box, but I only have the AV cords ($20)

32X games:
Virtua Fighter
Virtua Racing
Star Wars

Genesis games (in og boxes): ($8)
SSF2 Special Edition
Ren and Stimpy
Sonic 2
Ecco the Dolphin
Kid Camelion

Without boxes: ($5)
SSF2 Special Edition
Earthworm Jim
Sonic Pinball
Lion King

Sega Saturn and controllers and tons of games. Comes with Action Replay Plus 4mb card, which allows you to play import games($125 complete package)

Console ($45)
Action Replay Plus card $15
Gardian Heros ($40)
Marvel Super Heros vs. Street Fighter ($40)
Legend of Oasis ($15)
Xmen v. Sf ($15)
Others $10 each

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in og box w/ og packaging ($45)

Super Nintendo with 2 controllers ($40)
Arcade stick for SNES ($30)
tons of games:
pilot wings
john madden football
2x legend of zelda (sold)
NHLPA hockel
TNN Bass tournament champion
Mario Kart (sold)
vegas stakes
bulls vs. blazers
gradius 3 (sold)
Super Mario world
Final Fantasy 3(sold)
Super Punch Out(sold)
Donkey Kong Country 2(sold)
Un Squadron

PM me if you are interested in anything, willing to split sets

pm sent


pmed again

updated lead post with more pics and prices

do you have the 4MB Ram for X-men Vs Street Fighter?

What games you have for SNES?

Saturn adapters? Is that a typo? Pics/prices?

by adapters I just mean the power hook ups and video/sound cables

I will have a list of the SNES games soon

Brings back memories when it was all about import games.

He has the pro action replay cart(pictured), the 4mb ram is built-in to the cart.

^eJaY thx for the 411(pro action replay cart) & I hear you about the imports. XD

posted pics of the snes stuff

How much for Gradius III?

PM’d about Final Fantasy III.

$5 plus $2 shipping for Gradius 3, and most other snes games with some exceptions. I would be willing to sell the Snes as a bundle for $90 including the arcade stick and all games

will the import xmen vs street fighter work on an american sega saturn?

Yes, if you have that pro action replay cart. I used to have that game.

Updated Thread with many more consoles and games : )

Me and My friend have been playing these various consoles today to make sure everything is working fine. Gardian Heros rules

pm’d about AR+, and amen to GH ruling. :slight_smile: