Lots of Consoles and Games: Dreamcast, NES, SNES, Genesis, CD, 32X, Saturn, PS2

I’ll take the SS AR+ if ^ falls through.

I’m ready to pay anytime, Mr. Nannie. I just need your paypal address :china:

my bad I got all wasted on half a 5th of wiskey last night. with my buddy while testing this stuff and neglected to get the paypal email address sent out and the other pics up.
When I get off work tonite I will post pics for items and get the paypal address sent to those ready to purchase.

thanks for your patience

if I have neglected to get back with anyone in over 24hrs pls send me another PM

Paid =)

Payment sent. Thanks!

Payment sent. Thanks!

Also interested in the Action Replay if all others fall through.


Updated lead post


You taking trades for that NES sytem with the packaging?

pm me ur offer