Lots of Qs

I have a few Qs 4 u guys

  1. Is “Dark Stalkers 3” the same thing as “Vampire Savior”?
  2. and why does “Super Battle Opera” still play “Vampire Savior”?
  3. How kan I get my hands on the “Absolution” DVDs and SBO DVDs?
  4. Are the following konsole games true arkade versions (for tournament), “Mark of the Garou”. “Rival Schools Project Justice”, “King of Fighters 2002”, “Vampire Savoir”.

I have more Qs, but I kurrenting forgot them, but I will post them when I find out. Thanks to those who help me.

#1 more or less I haver heard some people say that the frames in the PSX one are off comparred to the saturn version.

#2 becasue It is a great game that is why.

#3 someone else can answer this better than me.

#4 I haven’t dove into those game that deep yet. I need to start picking apart KOF 2002 though because I like that one a lot, and the same for KOF 2003 (if Dou lon is broken then jsut ban him) I think Time Stop would be the guy to ask.

  1. Not really, Darkstalkers 3 (or Vampire Savior EX for you import heads) is based off of Vampire Savior 2 and Vampire Hunter 2, so it has all the stupid bullshit that came from the two crappy revisions. Add to the fact that it’s missing animation, the loading times, and so forth. The Saturn version is based on the original version of Vampire Savior (but with Pyron, Huitzil and Donovan thrown back in) and is pretty much perfect. But it’s been said though that the PS2 Darkstalkers collection has a perfect port of Vampire Savior in it, so you could just either import that for PS2 or wait for Capcom to bring it over which I guess you can doubt.

  2. It’s a good game and why not?

  3. Internet.

  4. I don’t really understand wtf you’re saying but if you’re asking for which ports are closest to the arcade, btw Neo Geo ones listed are 100% exact.

Vampire Savior - Saturn, PS2
Garou - Neo Geo MVS and AES, maybe the PS2 version
Project Justice - Dreamcast
KOF2k2 - Neo Geo MVS and AES

So “Mark of the Garou” for “Dreamcast” isn’t True Arkade? Damn, that sukks.

Is “KoF2K2” on PS2 with “KoF2K3”??? Is that even klose???

“Absolution” DVDs never existed. I think you’re talking about Evolution DVDs. There’s a link called ‘DVD’ on the home page of srk.

You mean “Garou: Mark of the Wolves”. I heard that the DC version has some shortcomings going for it…

As for the KOF 2002/2003 colletion for the PS 2, you can pretty much say that they’re arcade-perfect, with KOF 2002 having 3 more characters to select (Goenitz, Geese, and ROB Iori), and KOF 2003 having far less bugs than the arcade version (although some of them exist).

What the fukk is that krazy spelling? Kuit playink Morkal Kokkak, skrok.

Aktually, I hate “Mortal Kombat”; but, I also hate the letter “c”. Its just a thing.

Aktually, I did mean “Absolution”, the europen[sp] Evo. I guess they don’t have a DVD.

That’s not what everybody else is saying about the PS2 port of 2002 in the Evo forum. :xeye:

Where can I get the old tournrment DVD’s like B5 and all those old ones

Pass the link, yo (search engine aint doing shit for me).

Lots of K’s.

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Fukk, this sukks for you…

anyway, I got another Q

Whats the most recent “Samurai Showdown” game, and is it played in SBO?

And I need a kopy of “Vampire Savior”, but is there something out there that lets me play “Sega Saturn” games on the “Dreamcast”?

Forgive me for bumping

I’m not going to get into gameplay, but I will more directly answer you, in title format:

Japan’s Vampire = US’s Darkstalkers

Japan’s Vampire Hunter = US’s Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge

Japan’s Vampire Savior = US’s Darkstalkers 3: Jedah’s Damnation

Different region, different title.

I fukkin hate when they do that shit

SFZ3 to SFA3
Gouki to Akuma

WTF is CAPCOM US’s prob… :mad:

So, are you like the Klan’s PR guy, or what?


how skrub

WTF U talkin about, I just fukkin hate the letter “c”

I don’t like MK for the last time…

Anyway, what was the last “Samurai Showdown” game and is it in SBO?

the latest Samurai showdown is Samurai Showdown Tenka however that doesnt count since its still in beta testing but the last Samurai Showdown was Samurai SHowdown 5 special and yes it was played at SBO