Lots of sprites


I have found many really nice sprite rips, edits, original ones on the random sites/mugen sites, some are nice and some are not. I am going to post the sites here (since its easier than posting each sprite one by one) so you can check them out and/or use the sprites in your work.

Link#1 (Mugen Site)
LINK#2 (Mugen Site Marvel Sprites)
LINK#3 (Same Mugen Site DC Sprites)
LINK#4 (Same Mugen Site Random Sprties)
LINK#5 (Inner Circle, LOTS of Sprite Rips)
LINK#7 (Mugen Site with lots of Orignial sprties, go through all the pages, theres lots)
LINK#8 (Lots of nice edits)

I will add more to this post when I find moreā€¦


You should ask the people on the site if you can use them first, its not just rips, they took lots more time to actually make something.

Project X is the shit though, fuckin AoA Sabretooth, thats awesome, not to mention the Xforce shit, deadpool and that awesome ass Archangel on page 5.


I havent used them (I cant). But I guess credit would be given to the owners of the site.


i agree with TG, ask permission for the sprites if any of you are gonna use them. thats like taking credit for stuff you never did